Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Follow up to Duo Tone Ottobre Dress

Here's a picture of DGD wearing the Ottobre jumper I made and blogged about in last post.  I think she wore boots with this ensemble, hence the lovely pink socks.  They didn't show when she was fully dressed.  LOL.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Duo Tone Jumper Ottobre #23 6/2011

I finally finished a little project for DGD for Christmas!  It wasn't difficult, just confusing at several points.  It is fullly lined so I hand picked the lining at the zipper and did a few little hand stitched touches.  I bought the main fabric years ago--maybe for older DGD when she was small!  I bought the bottom piece at Hancocks a couple of days ago with this project in mind.  Both are cord--top not waled and bottom piece very fine wale.

As usual, the pattern is very well drafted and the pieces went together flawlessly.  I had to pick out the invisible zipper because of pilot error--stitched too close to the coil and it wouldn't zip!  Easy fix and now it is ready for the gift box.  I'm also putting in red leggings and a red turtleneck top I bought at Target.  It is cute and could be dressy, but I am hoping she will wear it to school and get some use from it!

All of the seams are top stitched, but since it is black on black, I did not think it would be useful to add more photos. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missing Person

I know I have not been posting and guessing am on hiatus from sewing and blogging. I am embroidering silly shirts for teen grands and sewing simple AG doll clothes for the younger DGD. Our home is for sale so I'm trying not to make a big mess just in case someone wants to look. Not much traffic at this time of year!

I have lots of fabric and patterns and am anxious to make a few things, but will have to wait until other responsibilities move to the back burner. I am working as an elementary p for 2 more weeks and then I'll return to retirement. I am again reminded of the fabulous job teachers do, even in a difficult economy when some seem to under appreciate the time and caring the teachers put into their jobs. It is nice to be working with this community at the holiday time of year. Two of our school families lost homes this week due to fire. Food and clothing have already beendonatto the families and the children will have toys for the holidays.

No sewing, but life is good.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

To my family and friends--best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Packing up my sewing room to move, so I'm sewing via blogs and magazines. I'll be back one of these days!,,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Quick Post--Not Sewing

Just to keep this blog in the cybersphere I'll add a short update.  This blog started out as a way for me to document what I'd been sewing...not much this month.  We had a great family memorial for my dad this past weekend in CA and followed up with a long lunch at the Cannery Restaurant in Newport Beach.  Lots of laughter and stories...some sad, mostly fun memories of my dad's long life.  I was surprised at how exhausted that left me.  But, we came home this morning and after the laundry and our daily walk, I hope to get a few projects off of the sewing table. 

I'm doing some embroidery designs on t shirts for my DDIL.  She is running a relay marathon and I'm doing some silly designs on shirts for her team.

I want to finish the third pair of  Bilbao pants that I almost finished at the Loes Hinse seminar.  I did finish my Mallorca jacket and will post photos of that soon.  I made 3 t shirts, and only one remains.  Totally user error.  I did not pretreat fabrics or even test a sample swatch of fabric.  I am WAY too old for crop tops/belly shirts.  So, although I cut all three from the same pattern, only one is really fully wearable.  One is OK under a jacket after I let out the hem, and one went in the trash. 

Tonight DH and DS are going to the UNLV basketball game and I'm watching the 3 kidlets.  Then, back to work in the morning.  I am subbing again--at a delightful elementary school. Being an assistant principal is so much more enjoyable than being the principal!   This job is done before the winter break and then I'm taking a long break :>)

Hope to share some sewing and/or photos soon!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Loes Hinse Seminar

Having a wonderful time--wish you were here! What fun to sew with a group of like-minded ladies who share their talents freely with no hint of one upmanship! I love Loes's patterns because they are so versatile and they fit me with little or no alteration. That never happens for me with any other line. I've seen many iterations of patterns using a wide variety of fabrics--so many clever ideas to immitate in the future!

I'll share some photos when I get home, but I've made a couple of pairs of the narrow version of the Bilboa pant, a Mallorca jacket and a few perfect tee t shirts. Tomorrow is the final day and I'm hoping to cut out a Biarritz jacket/cardigan. We will see if I get that done. Seems I've messed up my lower back by sitting on the bed. Go figure! Not even an exciting story to tell. I'm hoping it returns itself to normal by morning. Not whining, just explaining that I may not get as many garments sewn as I hoped to/usually do.

Loes's boutique has many lovely items, as usual! I was drawn to jackets made from vintage fabrics, tops using stretch lace with interesting selvages used at the hemline, unique necklaces and scarves...so many pretties!

I hope sleep comes soon and that I wake up ready to sew!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ABO Vest

 Please excuse the phone photos, but I'll never get a picture up if I don't use my phone!  I know the vest is a bit wrinkly, but I want to post these and then get on to something else :-)

I liked both of the motifs--the dots on light and the multicolored stripes.  So--I made sure that the dots were prominent on the front and the stripes dominate the back.  I like to wear it with the collar folded back a bit and the shirt underneath unbuttoned at the collar.  I did not put buttons on the vest.

Today I traced the new pattern in a size small and will make a few muslin/wearable? garments to try out the sizing.  The ABO jacket and vest are XSM, but I think that is too small for the new A Cute Angle tops.

We are going back to CA too--I'm going to Palm Springs for 4 days with my best friends.  Some of us met in grade school, but we have all been good buddies since high school.  No husbands allowed.  We meet every few years for a long weekend and just enjoy the fellowship, love, laughs, and tears.  Then I have a couple of days of rest and will take off to attend my annual Loes Hinse seminar.  That should provide some new pictures to share!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sewing and Other Stuff

I have done a little sewing--made my vest from ABO out of Japanese cotton.  Love it!  I will take a photo when I am home and have my trusty camera available.  Or, maybe DH will take a photo if I wear it while we are away. 

I worked, I went to see my DGS perform and earn his 2nd degree black belt in combined martial arts.  He is amazing--won best tester of his class of 8.  he broke the studio record for several physical activities.  He is amazing.  He is 12 years old.  I am truly in awe of his dedication and drive.  We don't need to mention his skills as a wake boarder, skier, student, etc.  How lucky is he that his older sister is just as unique in her own areas.  Oh yeah, this may be a blatant example of Grandma bias, but that's what Grandmas do!!!

Now I'm deeply engrossed in a more somber activity--settling my dad's estate.  Hopefully, things will go smoothly at the broker tomorrow and the several banks can be visited and accounts closed.  I am armed with death certificates, a tough hide, and a wonderful husband.  DH has been my rock for the past 43 years, but never more so at the times of family sorrow. 

I'll be back to sewing in a week or two.  All of this stuff has meant time in the car.  Hours and hours of time in the car.  I'm not a whiner by nature, but my back has been whining at me.  This too shall pass.  Be back soon with some fun projects!  I'm looking forward to going to Loes's seminar at the end of the month--I'll certainly have some new goodies to share after that!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ABO Italian linen shirt

Finally finished! I used my arsenal of machines yesterday to finish the details of my linen shirt.

My newly aquired Singer 201A made some awesome buttonholes.

My Babylock Ellisimo made sewing on buttons a breeze.

I used my Bernina 1130 to finish stitching down the back facing.

This piece is an adaptation that Louise shared at the ASG convention. It makes the collar insertion so much easier and the wide facing allows for a label or even embroidered personalization. Louise also said it mimics RTW trends. Anyway, it is a clean finish and easier to do. That's a winner in my book!

DH chose the buttons and I like his choice! 

Now on to make some coordinating pants from some lovely brown linen I also got from Louise at ASG.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


My dad has been on hospice care for over two years. Today he passed away. My dad was 95 last June. He was an electrical engineer, graduate of UC Berkeley in 1938. He was a Professional Engineer, PE, and worked in the aerospace industry. He was born and raised in Anaheim, CA. He and his brother were avid bodysurfers, favoring Corona del Mar and San Clemente. He married my mom in 1943 in Cambridge, MA while attending Harvard for Army Air Corps training in radar technology. He later served in England and participated in the Battle of the Bulge. He had a successful career and retired in 1974. Travel and community activities kept him busy. He had declined markedly in the past few years and was not able to participate in his life. He hated that. We'll miss you, Dad.

UFOs Finished--Buttonholes Complete

I bought a Singer 201 to use as a buttonholer.  I love it!  I finished two garments I made over the summer in CA but brought home to finish using this machine.  First is the ABO jacket I basically made at the ASG convention in a fabulous class with Louise Cutting.  I am very pleased with the finished product and will wear it with many other items already in my wardrobe.  I also have some black fabric I purchased from LC destined to be a pair of pants.

Next is a Loes Hinse Tuscan Shirt.  I have had this pattern for years and never really warmed up to it.  On Stutchers Guild, Tonia made several in a weekend wardrobe sewing frenzy and I really liked the ones she made.  So, fast forward to my summer sewing and voila a Tuscan Shirt for me.  I made a small from the envelope and love the fit.  For this one I chose not to put the button/buttonhole at the cuff as I think I'll wear it open over a t shirt, more of a lightweight jacket.  I'm really liking this pattern.  The construction was easy and fast too! Sorry about the wonky angle on the photo--the breeze is coming up and I just took a quick shot!

I also finished this Discover Something Novel vest--just to have it finished!  I'm not sure vests are for me, and I do not like the pants I made to go with it.  Maybe wrong size (huge) and maybe wrong style for me?  I wear them when we drive back and forth to the beach.  They feel like jammies and don't feel too stylish on my short body.  Anyway, I have no more coordinating pant fabric so I'm not sure about this one.  But, I wanted it finished even if I donate it.  Interesting construction and fabulous directions as always with Louise Cutting patterns!

Now, between swimming with the grands and straightening up the house, maybe I can make a quick run to get some buttons for the remaining ABO shirt!  Whew--it feels good to get these items off of the sewing table and into the closet (or donation bag!).

Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo of latest O'S Pants

Yikes! Long time since I posted anything. I've done some sewing, but I'm also working and don't seem to have the energy required to sew at night. I'm a retired school admin and am subbing as a principal for a few weeks. I forget how physically and emotionally draining this job is. Won't be sorry to turn in my keys (again) in a couple of weeks!

I hope I can attach a photo DH took this AM with my iPhone. I wore this to work today--ABO jacket and OS pants. The pants are from a drapey textured fabric I bought from Sharon at Casual Elegance. Easy and comfortable to wear. This time I made a small+ with no alterations. I'll wear them for a day to see if the fit seems right...(Since I had to play with the photo--I'll add that by the end of the day I kind of had "droopy drawers."  Not sure what to do about this...)

I have another ABO almost finished. This one is from Italian linen and will function as a shirt.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LC OneSeams

I just finished a pair of these pants. I am so pleased with the fit that I will make a pair from decent fabric and get a photo posted soon!

We are heading home tomorrow after a wonderful summer at the beach. Time to get back to a more "normal" schedule. I'm going to work for a few weeks and DH is going to a week-long photoshop seminar. Our condo is getting a facelift while we are gone--paint, crown molding, new toilet, valance boxes, etc.

Time for change and to celebrate DGD's birthday. Photo soon of the one seams.

LC OneSeams

I just finished a pair of these pants. I am so pleased with the fit that I will make a pair from decent fabric and get a photo posted soon!

We are heading home tomorrow after a wonderful summer at the beach. Time to get back to a more "normal" schedule. I'm going to work for a few weeks and DH is going to a week-long photoshop seminar. Our condo is getting a facelift while we are gone--paint, crown molding, new toilet, valance boxes, etc.

Time for change and to celebrate DGD's birthday. Photo soon of the one seams.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Update--Shirt to coordinate with Ottobre Skirt

I bought a pink t at the local discount store and used the skirt fabrics as decoration around the front neckline.  It is pretty simple, but I think it will make my DGD happy to have items that go together! The flash has blown out the colors of the skirt, but the previous blog entry shows the true colors. 

Skirt from Ottobre Design 4/2011

Here is another skirt made from a pattern in the most recent children's Ottobre.  The fabric is a fabulous batiste in pink and an English netting in ivory from Fabric Land in Orange, CA.  Both behaved so well while sewing!  The waistband treatment is from a scrap of cotton lycra knit--think it was purchased at Michael Levine in Los Angeles. I made a size 128 for my almost 9 YO grand daughter.

Just a fun project.  Again, I need to figure out a shirt embellishment for an outfit.  DGD likes to have her garments GO together. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

ASG Recap

Day Two is here! I'm just checking in quickly before heading out. Yesterday I went to Louise Cutting's session--we made the ABO jacket from some wonderful rayon fabric. All pieces save the right front were from the rayon. The right front piece was created by joining a variety of fabric strips to create unique and different "fabric" from which the right front piece was cut. We got lots of tips and ideas for other garments. I'm going to make a sleeveless ABO from some Japanese cotton I bought last night from Louise. I need to go back to her booth to take a picture of the vest to keep my memory accurate!  Will try to include that photo at the end.  Louise is a wonderful teacher.  She is humorous, knowledgable, patient, and so creative!  I also took her one seam pants class!  I'm going to tweak the pattern using her detailed directions and make myself a pair.  She insists the first pair must be made from the ugliest fabric in the stash!  LOL!

Well--you can see I didn't get much further on posting the info.  I have almost finished the ABO jacket, but will wait until we go home next week so I can use the machine I bought to do button holes.  I also bought some fabrics from Louise.  Left to Right--Japanese cotton I plan to use for a sleeveless ABO jacket.  AKA a vest!  LOL!  I'm not a real fan of vests, but saw both Louise and Sandy wear versions of this garment and I am anxious to give it a try.  Second is some lovely Italian linen for pants--not sure what pattern.  The third piece is exquisite linen for a blouse, and the final piece is a rayon mix to coordinate with the jacket above.  That will be pants, but I'm not sure what pattern I will use.

More about sessions--I spent a day with Susan Khalje learning hand sewing techniques used in constructing couture garments.  I can now confidently use the whip stitch, overcast, back stitch, catch stitch, pick a zipper, bind a buttonhole, and some other tricks I noted in my handouts.  If anyone has an opportunity to take a class or workshop with Susan, do not hesitate.  She is the kindest, most supportive and patient person.  I wasn't sure I really wanted to take this class and thought I might be a dropout after lunch.  Not so!  It was wonderful.  The lesson, the other students, and the teacher.  Primo.

Here is Sandy, Louise Cutting's assistant, wearing  a white shirt version of the ABO jacket with a vest version over the top.  You can see that she lowered the height of the collar on the vest so that it would allow some of the white shirt's collar to show.  Similarly, she lengthened the white shirt so that it would also show beneath the black vest.  Very sharp look!

 Below are the vest and jacket versions of the ABO jacket--in green.  I think the two garments to the right of the green vest are from the soon-to-be-released pattern.
I also took a pants fitting class from Judy Kessinger and a blouse class from Peggy Sagers.  Also good classes full of useful information.  Finally, I took Anne St Claire's class in changing necklines on knit shirts.  Can't wait to get started making some changes to my favorite knit top patterns.  Whew!  Great convention!  I met a few new friends and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I've Been Sewing--Not Posting! Loes Hinse and Vogue Projects

I made the Katherine Tilton Vogue pattern tee shirt.  Not sure it is for me, but it went together very easily and it fits nicely.  I made the size 12 and it is a bit roomy.  For future reference, I would make the neck binding piece a bit longer.  It is easier to trim off excess than to piece or recut a binding that is too short.  Just barely stretched this to fit.

Then I was inspired by Tonia on Stitchers' Guild who made an entire wardrobe of garments in a weekend.  I took longer, but made 3 pairs of pants and 2 tee shirts.  I made one European pair without the front zip, one with, and a pair of Cruise pants that I had modified with the zip front from the European pattern.  All will fit, don't need alterations, and will blend with my wardrobe of browns, tans, and black. The olive linen Euros with the zip will blend as well.  Sorry they are wrinkled, but I wore them with a white linen Talbots top to go see The Help last week.  The red tee shirt will go with either pant. I'm going to wear the short sleeved tee with some black pants and a light black cardigan.  Whew!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finished ABO and Skirt from Ottobre Design 4/2011

Just some odds and ends to post....I went back to LV for a few days to celebrate youngest DGS's 5th birthday.  How fun!  I prewashed a pile of fabrics from my quick trip to the Los Angeles fabric district, cut out a few things, and hope to do some sewing now that I'm in cool weather territory again.  But, I did finish the hems, button holes, and buttons on the ABO muslin jacket.  Ready to cut the jacket for the ASG class I'm taking with Louise Cutting.

Second, I made a cute little skirt from the most recent Ottobre for kids.  It is design 31, the frilly skirt with a slight modification.  I cut the ruffles 2 inches wide--my error, but I think it still turned out cute.  The fabric is a cotton batiste I bought locally at Fabric Land.  It has the softest hand--really nice fabric.  I also made a long sleeved tee shirt from the Ottobre Design pattern 301 and leggings #32 from same current issue of Otto.

No photos of the tee and leggings--I'm trying to figure out an embellishment for the tee shirt so that the combo doesn't look like PJs with a skirt over top...I'll share those pieces when I've got a solution ;-)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Almost Done! Anything But Ordinary Muslin

This is my muslin for the ASG project--trying out size and fit of the pattern.  I made an XS per Louise's advice.  It fits fine--a little short for my taste, so I think I will add 1.5 inches to the lengthen line of the front and back pattern pieces where indicated.  Wonderful pattern--great directions, and perfectly drafted.  I'm not sure I would select this for myself, based on drop shoulders and no real shaping, but I think it's cute and may wear it more than I think.  I took my Singer 301 home, so I will save the buttons and button holes for a future date.  I also need to hem the sleeves.  No biggie.

Here is the jacket:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Sewing? Not so much...

I have been enjoying the summer here at the beach.  We are busy as volunteers at the Aquarium of the Pacific and being tourists in my childhood neighborhoods.  I do sew here--have a full complement of sewing machines, etc., but also have lots of other things to occupy my time.  I have worked a bit at the sewing machines in the past few weeks...

I made DGD a pair of leggings from the most recent Ottobre Design magazine.

I am working slowly on a muslin for an Anything But Ordinary  jacket.  I'm going to attend the ASG convention in LA next month and will be taking Louise Cutting's all day class which uses this pattern.  I want to be sure I have the pattern size just right.  But, I only sew a seam or two a day and then get distracted! I am off to the Long Beach Quilt Show in a few minutes.  See?  Distracted again.

Let's hope everyone is having a summer full of pleasant distractions!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Look at Quincy Pants and LH Perfect tee

Here's a quick photo of the pants--made from some really poor quality ponte de roma I ordered from Fabric.com.  There really are a musliin, but I can wear them for beach trips, etc.

I think they are too big around at the waist and will size down.  I made the loop accent from the same fabric and it is definitely too bulky.  I think I may make them again, however, as I like the more narrow leg and the loop and button accent is kinda trendy. 

The  tee is just a Perfect Tee from my TNT  Loes Hinse pattern.  I bought the fabric from The SEwing Workshop and I really like the funky knit.  I have some more in the stash and may use it for accents along the neckline of a plain black tee.  We'll see...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SEwing Workshop Quincy Pants--Fail This Try

I've not made any Sewing Workshop patterns--own a bunch, but never sewed any.  Go figure.  So, I just got the Quincy pattern and thought I'd use the pants (simple) as a starting point.  I measured me and went by the pattern envelope to choose a size.  I make a S in Loes Hinse, with very few alterations.  I made a M in the Quincy and they are HUGE.  I'll try a small tomorrow.

I did finish my 2 pairs of Europeans from the fabric I purchased locally at Fabric Land in Orange.  No hitches in the road in making these.  No photos because it is just more of the same!  The pants are both in the brown family--a tan wool blend that feels like a soft wool but also washes!  The others are a medium brown with a narrow white pinstripe.  They will work in my wardrobe--have lots of other things I can wear with both.  I also made my first Swing Skirt--easy and so cute!  I do want to branch out and use other patterns with success, however, so I'm going to give the Small in the Quincy a try tomorrow.

Has anyone else made these pants?  I'll check over on Patternreview later.  Should have checked sooner, eh?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loes Hinse Paris Jacket--Short on Fabric

Well. long time no post!  I've been enjoying my grand kids and the great Southern California summer weather.  Perfect time to work on a (mostly) wool jacket, don't you think???  Anyway, I thought I'd make one more Paris jacket only to find that I did not have enough fabric in the remnant I'd purchased from Sharon.  I was only short a few inches on the sleeve, but this was not the type of garment that I would like with 3/4 sleeves.  Hmmmm...what to do?  I decided to take advantage of the different patterns on the front and back sides of the fabric and pieced the cuff/hem/bottom of the sleeves.  To make them less of a unique or obvious attempt to save, I put in a couple more pieces of contrast--flipped the under collar piece and added a little triangle of detail from the side seams using the reverse side of the fabric.  Some might say that I used the "wrong" side as the basic jacket, but it was the side I liked most.  Loes had a jacket made from this side and I really liked it.  Not the same pattern, just the same choice of "right" side.

I'm pretty pleased with the result--still need shoulder pads and then I'm going to take it to the cleaner for a good steam/press.  I miss my steam generator iron down here, but a condo just doesn't have enough room for ALL of my sewing goodies.  I put most things away when the grands come and now I am in the process of finding where I hid the dangerous items.  A fun treasure hunt!

My next projects are a couple of pairs of European pants made from some lovely fabric purchased at a local fabric shop in Orange, CA.  Nice store, lovely fabrics and personnel.  I need to get over there more often when we are in the area.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Slow Sewing

I've been tracing patterns and working on a Loes Hinse Paris jacket. This jacket is not difficult to sew, I have just been lagging on finishing it. I'm not thrilled with my fabric choice so it's my own problem. Maybe tomorrow?

In the queue:

LH Portofino muslin
Shorts for the little grands
Linen Euros

That's it for now! Grands are coming for a week at the beach, so we will all be busy ;-)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Burda Kids' tee and a Loes Hinse Dress--A Couple of Finished Items ***Photos Added

First--the French Country Dress is NOT a difficult garment to sew--but you must cut out all of the required pieces!  I drove myself crazy trying to put this together minus one crucial piece...needless to say, I ripped and sewed and ripped some more.  Finally, I reread all of the directions, looked again at the fabric layout, etc and realized what a dope I'd been.  It is finished and I plan to wear it to my granddaughter's dance recital tonight.  Maybe DH will snap a quick picture--I left my camera at our condo.

Second, I finished the little Burda tee shirt for my DGD.  It is from the May 2011 issue, pattern #138 with short sleeves.  It is cute, it was easy, and again I procrastinated on getting it done.  I made the ankle pants with bottom bands for her from the same issue.  Those were done several weeks ago, but the shirt remained on the sewing table...outfit is finished now that school is out!  Maybe DH will snap a photo of the tee shirt too.  Fingers crossed!

I'm  hoping to do a few things here before we go back to cooler climates on Monday.  It is a 4-5 hour drive, so I like to have some handwork ready to do while we are on the road.  DH does all of the driving, so I have some time to sew on snaps, buttons, etc.  I find that the natural light in the car is very helpful to my old eyes.

I also bought a Singer 301 as a dedicated button hole maker.  Whooppee!  It works and I really had no problems in remembering how to use the buttonhole attachment.  It is just like the one I learned to sew with--Mom had a Featherweight with all of the attachments that came out over the years.  I have her machine, but no attachments.  Anyway, this has been an area of frustration for me, even though I have a couple of pretty fancy machines in the sewing studio(s).  Now I can have a sure thing buttonhole and that makes me happy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

One of Those Weeks...

I have been working on a Loes Hinse French Country Dress all week.  My latest step was to rip out half of the sewing as I finally got my head around the pieces and the directions!  Ugh!  I hate it when the only excuse I have is operator error!  Hopefully, there could be a photo in the next day or two. 

DH and I went out to lunch today and I wore a pair of Oxford zip pants and a twinset from the Perfect Tee pattern.  I made the short sleeve version and then a cardigan from the long sleeve tee.  I added 3/8 inch to the front edge and did NOT place the front on the fold when cutting it out.  I rounded the top of the center front openings and just serged and stitched the entire neck/front edge.  Easy and very pleased with the outcome.  I cut this out months ago and finished it (both pieces) during my recent flurry of UFO finishing.

These pants seem a bit long, but I'm wearing my comfy CROC sandals, not shoes with any heel.  This is the pair of pants made from the same faux linen as my last Paris jacket.  The sweater set is from some Missoni-like knit I bought from Sharon at Casual Elegance.  This outfit is as comfortable as pajama pants and a tee shirt, but I think it presents to the public in a more positive way!

Back to picking apart the FC Dress. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching Up--Miscenaleous Photos


I finished up some UFOs before leaving for the summer.  I have more to do, but here is the beginning of the projects!

First--the green boiled wool jacket.  I finished by covering large snaps with silk and then sewing black buttons on the right side for some ornamentation.  I'm happy with it--I'll wear it this fall when the weather is cooler!  LOL

Next is a long sleeved Perfect Tee that I started last fall when I returned from the last LH seminar.  I had only sewn the shoulder seams and finished the neckline.  I got out the Featherweight my mother left me and wanted to give it a little workout to ensure it is kept in good running  condition.  No problems at all in sewing the sleeve and side seams as well as the hems.  Great results!  The machine works perfectly and the shirt is finished!

The third item is a LH Paris jacket made from some faux linen purchased at Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon. I'd been at a Patti Palmer fitting workshop and she had worn a suit made from the fabric.  I had to have it, but it's been maturing in the stash for 6 years!  I also made some Oxford zip pants from the fabric, so I have a "suit" if I want to wear the pieces together.

ETA--don't know what happened to the info on the skirt.  It is the Loes Hinse new Sarong Skirt.  Fabric from Casual Elegance.  I'm pleased with both the skirt and the fabric.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clever/Lazy Approach to Loes Hinse Oxford Zips

I trace all of my LH patterns--I use them often and like the Sweedish Tracing Paper for most patterns.  I have made many pairs of European Pants and a few less of the Oxford Pants.  My traced patterns are already shortened to fit my leg length, scooped to account for gravity of the posterior, and generally dependable to produce a pair of pants I can wear without alterations.

So--Loes recently gave directions for modifying the Oxford pants to make them from a woven.  Not much change, but a zip front accomodates the need to fit the waist over the hip without have a lot of bulk at the waist.  I have done this in the past to the cruise pant with success.To do the Cruise version, I put the European front pattern over a Cruise pattern and retraced the entire front.  When I was reading The Look publication recently, I had an "ah-hah" moment!  I came up with the following clever/lazy method for altering any LH pant pattern into a zip front!

1.  I traced the top ten (or so) nches of the European Pant front

2.  I got out my previously-traced Oxford pattern

3.  I placed the short piece of the Euro pant pattern on top of the Oxford pant front

I cut out the pattern!  Easy-Peasy!  I did not change the side seam, just the front seam down to the dot on the pattern.  On the cruise pants, I did slightly decrease the width of the front pattern piece, gave it more of a definition to the waist area.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Loes Hinse City Dress/Reno fabric

I made the City Dress this morning--traced it last night and cut it out this morning.  After our morning walk, I sewed it up.  Easy dress and I like the style.  I made it slightly different than the pattern directions, per Loes's idea shared at a seminar.  The skirt is only about 1.5 inches wider than the bodice making more of a column skirt.  The fabric is a rayon twill I bought at the Mill Ends store in Reno last week.  DH thought the fabric was kind of blah--his idea to make the coordinating necklace.  We'd seen one at a store in the mall and he suggested making one to complement the dress I was planning to make.  Unusual for him!  I still need to hem the dress and that probably means I need to cut off some length prior to reserging the bottom edge.

I've been sewing quite a bit of Loes garments lately.  I'll share my tweaked Oxford pants tomorrow (or soon!).  I found a quick and clever (maybe lazy) way to adapt the European zipper finish to the Oxford pattern.  I really prefer the waist finish with the front zipper to the elastic waistband.  I have a perfect tee and a Paris jacket to share as well.

My local sewing friend made about 20 garments prior to a recent road trip.  I can't compete with her, but I am trying to use up some of the stash I continue to accumulate around here!

I am searching for a usable copy of the Portofino Dress and the Trio Skirt patterns.  It doesn't need to be unused, but I need to be able to trace the small size from each of these.  Hard to find!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Fun with the Kids

We are having a fun time with the older grands this week while their parents have a quick escape. Kids are at school and activities most of the time, but they still require transportation, food, money, etc. Great kids! We have enjoyed spending time up here--lovely walking trails and lots of birds and wildflowers along the way.

We went to the Patagonia Outlet today. Beautiful clothing, but I don't really need more outdoor gear. We also went to the Mill End store where I just wanted to look. Dumb idea. I got 3 pieces of rayon for dresses and some lovely brown tencel for pants. I had been searching online for the rayon so I was pleased to find a couple of pieces I really liked. The tencel for pants is very nice weight and so soft. I will take this fabric to the beach for summer sewing in a couple of weeks.

I just can't escape the sewing completely!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ottobre Ruffle Tee

Tee shirt for DGD from scraps of a tee I made for myself!  I used the tee shirt from the most current Ottobre magazine--sorry, don't have it close at hand.  She was pleased with it, and I always enjoy making her things.  EASY shirt--just serged the seams and neckline.  Turned the neckline under 3/8" or so and stitched it.  No hems!  You can tell it was late in the day, but the shirt still looks cute!

Here's the shirt I made for myself.  I cut mine on the bias so the ruffles are a diagonal.  It was a kit to make a tank top from Peggy Sagers--pattern and fabric included.  When it arrived, I realized that I would never wear a tank top, so I made my trusty Loes Hinse Perfect Tee with short sleeves and think it will be a fun summer tee.  Again, serged seams and no hems.  What could be easier?  I did learn a few things--should have cut the pattern piece out as full front and back pieces rather than messing with the fold.  That was not the most successful part of the project, but I think it will be OK!  It is just a fun trendy shirt that won't have to stand the test of time!

I also made a pair of Louise Cutting Discover Something Novel ankle pants from a nice linen.  Love the pattern and the drafting--they went together so well and the directions are marvelous.  The pants on me?  Not so much.  My DGD said, "Grandma, those are some BIG pants!" when I wore them over to her house one day.  So--comfy, soft, well made...maybe OK for wearing at the beach.  Live and learn!