Friday, October 30, 2009

Home from Carmel

Here is a photo of me showing Loes's new jacket in progress--it is currently called the Paris jacket. This is a great little fitted jacket made with princess seaming. I made one and will show it later.
I had a great time, made quite a few garments, and bought some fabrics I can't find in my neighborhood. Also had a great time with the other sewing ladies--all motivated and hard working! Several made long sweater coats from faux fur--stunning. Also transferred this to a fleece fabric with equal success. Really stylish on these ladies. Dresses and skirts are reappearing in Loes's boutique and with several "tweaks" to the patterns, these were equally elegant and I may even try out some of these patterns!
We are babysitting the grands this weekend so my sewing will be delayed for a while. I also want to make Loes's Biarritz Zipper jacket while the details are relatively fresh in my mind. I made 3 jackets at the seminar, so I'm not sure that I "need" another one, but that isn't really a determining factor for me anyway!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Christine Jonson Bound Neckline Tee

This long sleeved t shirt is from the Christine Jonson Travel Trio One pattern. It is called the "banded neck tee" and I can see many more in my future. It went together with no problems whatsoever. I made a small as is from the envelope. AND, I am pleased with the style and the fit. I even rethreaded my Evolve serger to try out the cover stitch. I have had this machine for 10 years and only used the CS once or twice. How silly--it was really easy and the results were worth it.

The fabric is some I bought from a coop several years ago. It is a beefy cotton interlock print.

I'm wearing it with some favorite Chicos jeans--made from a RPL fabric that washes and wears like a dream.

I am now trying to get my stuff together for a week in Carmel, CA. We are going so that DH can photograph Big Sur, Point Lobos, etc. and I can attend a Loes Hinse sewing seminar. That's a win-win trip for a retired couple!!! I have my box of patterns, machines, notions tackle box, etc. ready. I'm going to take some fabrics from my stash, but Sharon from Casual Elegance will undoubtedly have some lovelies to tease me! I know we are going to make some sort of chenile jacket--spoke briefly with Loes when I paid my final installment and she was excited about this new style/treatment/tweak. I enjoy the new ideas, seeing her garments in her boutique for inspiration, and hanging out with other sewists! It is also nice to come home with some coordinated pieces ready to wear.

My only challenge will be the car ride. My knee is on the road to recovery, allowing me to do my daily walks without much pain and/or swelling the past few days. However, my last relapse happened when we went to Colorado and I sat in the car for 13+ hours one day. Ugh. We'll have to stop, stroll, and relax along the way this time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Weekend of Sewing Information

We went to Long Beach, CA for the ETA Seminar--how fun! I made a dressform in a Jan Bones workshop on Friday and that was a real learning experience! Being wrapped in wet paper tape to get a form that really IS my size was a trying but worthwhile experience. Saturday and Sunday I attended lots of sessions with wonderful, sharing presenters like Lila Messinger, Cynthia Guffey, Peggy Sagers, etc. Entertaining, informational, and fun! It was a great three days. Only drawback for me was that my knee had a tough time with all of the sitting. I do OK with walking, not so well with sitting or standing. It will improve with time!

Now we are back home and I need to get my ideas into projects and then made! It seems like we have been on the move more than at home. That's not a bad thing, we enjoy travel. We have one more trip planned to a Loes Hinse sewing seminar for me and days of unscheduled photo shoots of DH. Not a bad way for either of us to spend our retirement days :>)

I will get some things made and photos posted this week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally Photos!

Herre are some of the things I've made over the past month...some Loes Hinse Hepburn Pants--not sure I love these, but the poskets are pretty slick and I might use that feature on other pants--like maybe the Oxfords. We;ll see. The black wool blend check has been maturing in my sewing studio and I'm not sure of the source--maybe Fabric Mart? They are OK and I will wear them. I do send thanks and Kudos to Shannon for her tutorial on inserting the zipper and elastic. Love the pictures!

Next are two pairs of pants made from the same Burda July 2009 pattern--made these earlier in the summer in a khaki cotton fabric and love the fit. These are both from wool from Melody at Fashionista Fabrics and fabulous quality wools. I love both of them! The whole thing started because I saw the orange sweater in a shop window--had to have the sweater and made the brown pants to go with. Made the blue pinstripe to go with the LH perfect tee made from by-the-pound knit from Michael Levines in LA.

Sorry about the sideways views--you can tell when I have taken my own photos!

Now I'm caught up with photos except for one more perfect tee. Not sure what is next on the cutting table. Piles of fabric, but no decisions made!