Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Eyeglass case and Jean Jacket

I made a couple of things the past 2 weeks...nothing too exciting, but they are done!

I'm still having trouble with importing photos to the right place in the text, so the photos are reversed! Look at the photos from bottom to top!

First, a great friend helped me out with this one--thanks Elaine! I wear those clip on sunglasses that fit on my regular glasses...but I abuse and lose them. So, I made this quick in-th-hoop project on my embroidery machine. I plan to make a case out of nicer fabric, but this one helps me find the glasses and protects them in the abyss of my purse!

The second is a Jean Jacket made from McCall's 5191. The fabric is some I got in a bundle from Fabric Mart--sort of a tapestry/upholstery fabric. I made several mistakes, had to unpick even after many topstitching stitches were sewn...but here it is. I think I like it--may be a bit too big, but I can wear a sweater under it if/when it's cold. The best part is, I finished it! I got out the manual for my Brother ULT 2003D sewing/embroidery machine and made SEVEN buttonholes! I was pleased with the results and felt some satisfaction that I'd finally used the sewing side of this machine.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday

Just a line--Happy Birthday Shawn! My firstborn is 36 today. YIKES!

Needle Case

I made this needle case using some directions I found online. It was a project from Hell, as I thought I'd ruined 2 sergers in the process. I ended up using my trusty Bernina 1130 sewing machine to complete the case--but my mood and attitude were somewhat dark as I finished the thing. It wasn't until I looked at the photo to post it here that I realized I had used the Garfield fabric upside down! Anyway, I have used this case already and appreciate the ease and portability of having all of my knitting tools at hand in one place. I'm knitting a sweater for my DDIL's Italian Greyhound at the moment. I'll post a photo when it is finished and being modeled on the pup.

Friday, January 5, 2007

More Hats!

I knit a couple more hats--these are a different pattern and really much easier to make! My DGS had a bigger head than I expected so I made him the red hat also--much better fit! It does fold up to be a watch cap.
These are made of Lion Brand "Jiffy" yarn on size 5 needles.

The black hat is for DH--really made him 2. One for home and one for the beach condo.