Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some Sewing for Me!

I made a quick jacket and pants combo for me! Jacket is Loes Hinse Paris (seminar pattern) and pants are LH Cruise pants. The pants are my first go at this pattern--not bad right from the envelope. The jacket is slightly restyled by Loes from last fall's version. The fabrics were both in my stash--the Gray Lady for the jacket from Nancy Erickson and only aged a couple of months. The pants fabric is of unknown origin and a rayon/poly/lycra mix. Both sewed up quite easily and I am looking forward to having a few new pieces for work next week. I guess it's only for me as this will be a new staff and thus everything is "new" so to speak!

The wind is howling here--we kept our middle DGS last night and he ended up in our bed, afraid of the noises in the house caused by the wind.

I hope to make a few more things this week--maybe I will even finish the Chanel type jacket I put away last month! Or not, we'll see how my patience and enthusiasm match :>)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vacation and Then Work

I've been pondering this, and decided I'd take this position for the rest of the school year. Our state is in dire straights financially and our local school district must tighten the budget even more. So, where there was no funding, there is now negative funding. There are administrative positions that will not be filled, so schools go without a principal? I can step in and fill the position for a couple of months. The pay is NOT great and there are no benefits, but I earned a nice living working here and I can give some time back.

So, I better sew like a mad woman the next few days :>) I made 2 t shirts today and will finish up the 3rd pair of L Hinse pants too. I don't really need any clothes, but they are fun to make! The new Burda has several tempting items and I hope to trace those items and maybe cut them out as well.

DH and I are going out for a frozen yogurt. Have a nice evening!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Quick Ottobre Project

I know I haven't done much posting or sewing--went to CA for a week to enjoy the weather, visit my dad, and volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific. All wonderful ways to spend some time! I did cut out a skirt (Ottobre 1/2010 style #20 Garden Flower skirt) for DGD before we left and sewed it in little spurts while at the condo. I also cut out some of the hearts in the skirt fabric and did a "quick and dirty" application on a purchased t shirt. No changes to the skirt during construction. After it was finished I realized that there was a good chance that the skirt would be too big around for DGD so I made a self casing on the inside waist and put buttonhole elastic through the casing and attached it to two buttons I placed on the interior of the skirt. It will be a cute school outfit. I want to do some sewing this week--might be going back to work again next week. I'm still thinking about it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cyber Friends

First, I want to thank you for the kind comments left on my last post. I am just a satisfied customer who found some patterns that fit me. I use lots of different patterns but have had the most success with these. Finally!

My husband and I had the most pleasant dinner last night with a friend I met via the internet and whom I have met twice when she came to my city. Many of you may know her as she runs a fabulous fabric shop in Kansas. I've never been to Kansas, but I have become a customer and love the service she provides as well. No need to drop names--just wanted to say how nice it is to make these connections with like-minded women and be able to share online and face-to-face time with them!

I have a few other items I've finished recently--will get photos up soon.

Happy sewing, friends! Thanks again for the comments. I so appreciate your thoughtful words.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Biarritz Jackets from Loes Hinse's Pattern

Mostly photos this time--the white boucle is the most recently finished, although I made it in October it took me forever to choose buttons and put in the buttonholes. These jackets are all from the same basic pattern (Biarritz size sm) but have been changed in various ways. Some from the "tweaks" that Loes sells through Sharon's business, Casual Elegance Fabrics, and some from tweaks that Loes provides for seminar attendees. It is great to be able to make a jacket tht fits and add different finishes to make it seem like a totally new garment without the frustrations of fitting, etc. I should have rotated the images, but I guess it's too late now! I love the simple black and white wool version--goes great with jeans and dress pants. Also the multi colored knit one--more like a sweater that I wear OFTEN. The fitst photo, far right jacket is a grey knit that Sharon sold and that Loes used for jackets in her boutique. I was on the fence about making it and didn't buy fabric at the seminar. Luckily, I changed my mind in time and love this one too. This jacket just fits my lifestyle.