Thursday, July 31, 2008

Work in Progress--More Stash

I am pretty slow getting started on my Burda blouse--seems everyone else has made this style #107 from the 06/2008 issue of BWOF, but here is mine with a collar yet to go. I have to take breaks from sewing as my upper back can only handle so much at one time!

This blouse also needs button holes and buttons--but since I figured out how to do them on my Bernina 1630 I have no fear of button holes! Perfect every time!

This fabric and the pieces below came from a trip to M and L Fabrics in Anaheim/Cypress, CA a couple of days ago. It is an interesting store--lots of quilting fabrics and a large selection of flat fold fabrics that are under $2 per yard. Wearable muslins in my book!

The fabrics in the back row are for me to try out the Burda blouses I have been coveting! The above #107 is a size 38 and fits pretty well--think I might make a 40 next to see how much bigger that might be. My only issue with this version is that the sleeves are a bit tight.

Happy sewing everyone! Tomorrow is my BIG birthday :>)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better Photos--Post Earthquake

Yes--we had an earthquake this morning. All is well, and DH took these photos of the boys' shirts not long after the quake rolled through. No damage here, thank goodness :>)

I think the shirts will be cute on the boys!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quick Picture!

Here are the boys' shirts made with the same fabric as the giraffe dress. I'll take a good picture after the buttons are on and I've put them through the washer to get the chalk lines out.

We are taking a road trip today so I will sew the buttons on in the car--easy for me and gives me something to do while DH does the driving!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Works in Progress

I am making 2 more shirts--the same brown as the giraffe dress so the boys will match big sister. I have one almost finished and the second is cut out and all edges serged ready for construction. I should be done with both tomorrow. Today is Aquarium day, so not much sewing will take place here.

I'm also having fun making necklaces using the technique in the previous button jewelry but using beads instead of buttons. Cute and easy for summer wear. I bought a belt on sale at Coldwater Creek which gave me a large bead supply in already coordinated colors. We went to a friend's home for dinner last weekend and I made a choker in the car on the way there. Fast and easy!

Photos will be in tomorrow or Friday's post! Tomorrow is lunch with my dad--and a trip to the audiologist for him to tune up the hearing aides. Always something!

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boy Sewing!

I finally finished a little shirt for the youngest DGS--this is more a "muslin" as I was trying out an Ottobre Design pattern for the first time in this style. I bought the fabric a couple years ago--it was supposed to be part of a Halloween costume for his older brother! But, it was a "scrap" that I was just keeping for practice and now a shirt! This is style #16 from 3/2006 Ottobre in a size 92. Hope it isn't huge on the little guy. He will soon be 2.
I know I sew more for the girls, but I do have 3 grand sons, so I need to make a few things for them too! I make t shirts and knit things but wanted to try a real shirt this time. There are some issues with this garment, but I think a 2 YO will enjoy it!

The pocket embroidery is from the same designer as the giraffe on older sister's dress from a few entries ago.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Fun Ottobre Project

These are a bracelet and necklace made from waxed cord and buttons following directions in the 03/2008 issue of Ottobre Design magazine. They are hung over the hanger and pinned to the bodice of an Ottobre outfit described in previous blog entries. I made both the necklace and bracelet in about an hour. This would be a fun project for kids to do too--maybe age 8 and up? Now I need to pack up the goodies and send them to my grand daughter. Better find something to stick in the package for her little brothers too!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Now, Sewing Photos!

Back to the Ottobre 03/08 garments. Here are the tunic and the daisy pants from this issue.

Photo--Not Sewing!

Every Wednesday afternoon, DH and I volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We are education volunteers and we work at various stations within the AoP. Here is a photo of me last Wednesday while shark wading. We had a brief hands on training of correct ways to touch and hold the animals and now spend about an hour of our 5 hous shift walking in the shark lagoon. Lots of fun!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've Been Sewing...

But no photos yet! I made an outfit for my younger DGD from Ottobre 03/08--top #15 and Daisy pants #16. I bought the fabric at Fabricland in Orange, CA and the ribbon trim and beads at the ribbon store (Fabric Barn?) on Anaheim in Long Beach. This outfit is a size 110 and I hope it will fit her for a while.

I am making shirts for her brothers too--but haven't gotten too far. I got a new-to-me Evolve serger for my birthday next month. I have one at home and had purchased an older used Babylock serger for use at the condo. Much frustration with threading later, I found a used Evolve on a sewing list and purchased it from MN. I have been experimenting with the threading and different functions. At home I totally underuse this machine as I have a coverstitch machine and a backup here. I don't buy jewelry. I don't spend much $$ on RTW clothing. My splurges are my grand kids and sewing machines.

I spent much too much time on the phone today with the social security operator (call center) trying to get a duplicate 1099 for my dad and to change his mailing address back to his previous home, where my sister now lives. I was on hold for 50 minutes and never did get the issue resolved even with a call back from a supervisor. If my dad were in better condition, we could take him to the local office in Aliso Viejo and get this done in person. We may have to do that anyway and just make him deal with the situation. Ugh.

Hopefully, photos will be posted tomorrow when DH takes his camera out to get flower photos!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Top for Me!

This top is from ivory silk dupioni--an easy pattern but I sure made an ordeal out of it! It is an easy Simplicity Summer Trends pattern #0632 size 12. The fabric I got from Fabric Depot in Portland via the web. I made a size 12 and like the fit. For the drawstring casing I practiced on my new (to me) Evolve and used the rolled hem to finish the edges of a strip of fabric. I stitched this to the right side and used satin ivory ribbon for the string itself. Not sure this is really "me" but I like the way it turned out and will wear it with black dress slacks for a nice dinner out this summer.