Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boy Sewing!

I finally finished a little shirt for the youngest DGS--this is more a "muslin" as I was trying out an Ottobre Design pattern for the first time in this style. I bought the fabric a couple years ago--it was supposed to be part of a Halloween costume for his older brother! But, it was a "scrap" that I was just keeping for practice and now a shirt! This is style #16 from 3/2006 Ottobre in a size 92. Hope it isn't huge on the little guy. He will soon be 2.
I know I sew more for the girls, but I do have 3 grand sons, so I need to make a few things for them too! I make t shirts and knit things but wanted to try a real shirt this time. There are some issues with this garment, but I think a 2 YO will enjoy it!

The pocket embroidery is from the same designer as the giraffe on older sister's dress from a few entries ago.

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