Saturday, March 26, 2016

Loes Hinse Seminar March 2016

I have not been sewing for months, but I was anxious to attend the seminar in Carmel last week.  It was excellent!  Before doing any sewing, we first met at Loes's boutique in Carmel to discuss new trends and to try on new looks.  Here are a few of the looks I tried on...
I also included this photo of Loes wearing the current look of her garments.  The pants are all Harpo, a seminar only pant pattern.  I'm wearing a peach colored tank top and a variety of over garments.  The long sweater is a LH pattern and the two short jackets are new at seminar.  Layers are definitely the current look.  Loes's light colored top is a Bianca cut much shorter and it fits just below the waist.  I think she said it is 12" from armscye to hem. The Irish for hems is a double serge, not turned hem.  Very fresh, very flattering!  The most significant news is how valuable The Look (electronic newsletter) will be in the future.  New patterns of a commercial nature are NOT on the horizon.  Rather, Loes will share new ideas and sewing tweaks via The Look.

I am not an employee, NAYY etc.  I enjoy sewing these clothes and wearing them.  I also enjoy the seminar experience and will definitely return.  Next blog post will include the garments I made during my stay in Carmel.  You will notice that traditional jackets are not currently being shown.  The soft look has become more popular!  More to follow soon!