Monday, October 31, 2011

Loes Hinse Seminar

Having a wonderful time--wish you were here! What fun to sew with a group of like-minded ladies who share their talents freely with no hint of one upmanship! I love Loes's patterns because they are so versatile and they fit me with little or no alteration. That never happens for me with any other line. I've seen many iterations of patterns using a wide variety of fabrics--so many clever ideas to immitate in the future!

I'll share some photos when I get home, but I've made a couple of pairs of the narrow version of the Bilboa pant, a Mallorca jacket and a few perfect tee t shirts. Tomorrow is the final day and I'm hoping to cut out a Biarritz jacket/cardigan. We will see if I get that done. Seems I've messed up my lower back by sitting on the bed. Go figure! Not even an exciting story to tell. I'm hoping it returns itself to normal by morning. Not whining, just explaining that I may not get as many garments sewn as I hoped to/usually do.

Loes's boutique has many lovely items, as usual! I was drawn to jackets made from vintage fabrics, tops using stretch lace with interesting selvages used at the hemline, unique necklaces and many pretties!

I hope sleep comes soon and that I wake up ready to sew!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

ABO Vest

 Please excuse the phone photos, but I'll never get a picture up if I don't use my phone!  I know the vest is a bit wrinkly, but I want to post these and then get on to something else :-)

I liked both of the motifs--the dots on light and the multicolored stripes.  So--I made sure that the dots were prominent on the front and the stripes dominate the back.  I like to wear it with the collar folded back a bit and the shirt underneath unbuttoned at the collar.  I did not put buttons on the vest.

Today I traced the new pattern in a size small and will make a few muslin/wearable? garments to try out the sizing.  The ABO jacket and vest are XSM, but I think that is too small for the new A Cute Angle tops.

We are going back to CA too--I'm going to Palm Springs for 4 days with my best friends.  Some of us met in grade school, but we have all been good buddies since high school.  No husbands allowed.  We meet every few years for a long weekend and just enjoy the fellowship, love, laughs, and tears.  Then I have a couple of days of rest and will take off to attend my annual Loes Hinse seminar.  That should provide some new pictures to share!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sewing and Other Stuff

I have done a little sewing--made my vest from ABO out of Japanese cotton.  Love it!  I will take a photo when I am home and have my trusty camera available.  Or, maybe DH will take a photo if I wear it while we are away. 

I worked, I went to see my DGS perform and earn his 2nd degree black belt in combined martial arts.  He is amazing--won best tester of his class of 8.  he broke the studio record for several physical activities.  He is amazing.  He is 12 years old.  I am truly in awe of his dedication and drive.  We don't need to mention his skills as a wake boarder, skier, student, etc.  How lucky is he that his older sister is just as unique in her own areas.  Oh yeah, this may be a blatant example of Grandma bias, but that's what Grandmas do!!!

Now I'm deeply engrossed in a more somber activity--settling my dad's estate.  Hopefully, things will go smoothly at the broker tomorrow and the several banks can be visited and accounts closed.  I am armed with death certificates, a tough hide, and a wonderful husband.  DH has been my rock for the past 43 years, but never more so at the times of family sorrow. 

I'll be back to sewing in a week or two.  All of this stuff has meant time in the car.  Hours and hours of time in the car.  I'm not a whiner by nature, but my back has been whining at me.  This too shall pass.  Be back soon with some fun projects!  I'm looking forward to going to Loes's seminar at the end of the month--I'll certainly have some new goodies to share after that!