Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving--Some new projects!

I need to write the text first--then add the photos. Maybe it will make sense that way. If not, it is still a photo record of sewing.

First is the Loes Hinse Garbo Jacket size SMALL! I tried these on at her boutique in Carmel and found that the diet and excercise have paid off. Whoppee! Fits right out of the envelope. I do need to readjust the dress form, as it is bigger than I am now. Anyway, this is the first jacket I made. The rust tweed one I made later--but took pics first of it.

The pants are of a stretch denim from sewbaby. The pattern is from a Burda Petite magazine, size 20. They originally had turn up cuffs, but the fabric had too much body. SO, I cut them off and hemmed them. The fit is great--finally might be able to make some clothes right from the pattern.

Finally, the grey items are for my DGD--more shorts for under her skirts and dresses! The leggings are a test garment to see how the Ottobre sizes work for her. Both items are from the same Ottobre leggings pattern--the shorts I just made a shorter length.

I have navy pinstripe pants from the same pattern on the cutting table. I hope to get them made sometime this weekend. I've done some of the interfacing and serging of the raw edges. I think I can just sew them up and wear least I hope to have a photo to share soon!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some Easy Stuff

I have been doing some sewing for me and for my DGD. All easy stuff!
The shorts are first in photos and last in text description...still not good at adding and moving photos!

For me, I made a tshirt from the Ottobre Designs women's edition. Size 40, long sleeve with a jewel neck.

I also made some pants from a Burda Petite magazine. They are size 20 which is part of their petite size range--17-21. They both fit fine and will make good muslin or TNT patterns from which to gauge other patterns.

For my DGD (age 5) I made a couple of pairs of black bike shorts to wear under dresses to school. They offer modesty for an active little one.
Here they are--I put small embroidery designs on the back waist area to help her know which side is the back!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Long Time No Post...

I have been away from my sewing for a long time--spent the summer in Long Beach, went to Central Europe for 3 weeks, and spent 2 weeks in Reno, No Cal, Monterey, and back to Long Beach. While in Carmel, I went to Loes Hinse's lovely shop and tried on several jackets. WOW! They fit! I came home and did some sewing!

Here is a photo of my Bolero jacket, size small, made with some wool/mohair blend fabric from Fabric Mart. I don't love the photo, but I do love the jacket! I am anxious to do more sewing now that I can make a few things that fit. I also made a Jalie crossover t shirt that fits--good news! Now to try some pants...that has been a challenge. I made 3 pairs of muslin pants--not happy with any of them. I can go to Talbots and buy a 10 petite and they fit great. Why can't I find a pattern size that also fits? I'm still working on it!