Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful holiday! I hope to post some photos AFTER the holiday is over! Thanks to all of the wonderful people who share their expertise via the blog world. It has helped me immeasurably to read and see the great ideas shared here!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Skill!

I have a Janome 900 CS Machine which has given me fits! I had one short lesson on it and that was my fault for not pursuing more assistance. I went and got a personal lesson--thanks to the great dealer whom I have previously maligned without really giving them a chance.

Jerry taught me a few tricks and helped me to get the binder to work. I made DGD a long sleeved t shirt with a bound neckline--I am quite pleased with the outcome, but have wrapped the shirt for Christmas. I'll get a photo after she unwraps the goodies.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Complete Ensemble

Here is the complete ensemble--I am pleased with the two garments together.

The shirt is from the Ottobre pattern #301 made in a size 116 from Chez Ami cotton lycra knit. The jumper is from a special Burda Kids' Fashion magazine...not sure of the year as I could not find one on the magazine. Ah--it says c 2003 on the pattern sheets. I have been keeping this pristine for quite a while! I stole an idea from Lyra on Stitchers Guild copying a jumper she made for her niece recently. I love the piping idea so I included a strip of the knit between the bodice and skirt pieces of the jumper. It just gave it some punch. I can't wait for Christmas to give the goodies to DGD!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Works in Progress

Here's a shirt that goes with a jumper--shirt is done, jumper isn't!

The fabric is chez ami too--I am using up my stash--I figured that I should use this up while I have a little one who might appreciate the fabric! The next 2 are boys, and I think that's the end of the trail for our grands!

Here's the shirt--jumper to follow :>)

Monday, December 1, 2008

More Pretties

First, here is my dog--Brandy Bear the poodle. He is most often known as Bubba. He will soon be 10. He was a birthday gift to me when he was a year old. Go figure--he loves me but he LOVES DH. Silly boy!
Next are two outfits I made for DGD for Christmas using patterns from Ottobre 4-2008 designs 18 and 19 in size 116. The red is from the previous post, but shows the leggings. These have a flared hem. The blue is the same combination, but the tunic is made from the scraps from the leggings and some scraps I had from a tunic I made for same DGD last Christmas. I know DGD will like them because they are soft and comfy!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Just spoke with older son--he is cooking with his family. Older DGD made a pumpkin cheesecake! Great news that she can cook too! Sure miss having the whole group together for the holidays...

I did a little sewing this week and DH took photos for me. One Ottobre tunic for younger DGD and a couple of "wraps" for DH's photo gear. Ripstop nylon squares with fleece backing and secured by velcro strips. No fit issues!

I loved the Ottobre top--really well drafted and each piece fit perfectly together. I don't think I'll use the elastic method for gathering if I make this again. It is from the 4/2008 issue, style #19, "Kaiku" cross-front tunic. I made a size 116 for my 6 YO DGD. I also made the Lokki leggings from the same issue--need to hem and put in the elastic and they will be ready for the holiday gift stash. I am hoping to measure DGD's waist today at Thanksgiving. Maybe, maybe not. I am also going to go over the directions for using the cover stitch on my Evolve serger and give that a go. I am not thrilled with my Janome 900 CS machine--may well be user error, but it is just not the quality of stitch I am hoping for.

So, that's it for now. Photos to follow!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dead End

Well, I was really excited about the jeans I was making for DGS--very cute and a great repurposing of some barely-worn garments of mine. But, they are HUGE on my skinny little guy. So, thanks to Melissa's post, I went cyber shopping and found great pants at Kohls, Sears, The Children's Place, and The Gap online. Now I need to rethink my sewing projects and get started on a few things for my DGD for the holidays.

Hope to have some photos up soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Sewing--no photos!

I am working on some jeans for my grandson--he's a skinny size 4 and most RTW pants are just too big. Only the Gap sells 4S that I can find. So--I am repurposing some garments I bought for me on ebay several years ago. Two Talbots garments were cut up for their fabric--they were too big for me but the denim is great quality and the hand is very soft on both. Neither was more than very gently worn. So far I think they will be cute. I used a Patrones size 4 and hope that they fit! We'll see. I need to finish the waistband on one pair--the other is about half done. I will show the pix ASAP.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Loes Hinse Garments--Photos Coming!

See comments below--I never can move things around like the pro bloggers! I made these garments during my 4 days in Carmel and one day at home. Fun and gratifying!

Here we go--I made the black/white jacket from a "tweaked" version of the Biarritz jacket, size small. Brown jacket and multi color knit jacket with the velvet collar are the Biarritz jacket as found in the envelope. Also size small. The t shirts are versions of the Perfect Tee pattern, also size small. The lace T is the long sleeve version with sleeves and hem done on the rolled hem serger. The dark olive is the same version with the sleeves and hem trimmed to cut off the hem allowance then trimmed with rayon chiffon. I tried to tea dye the chiffon, but it was very spotty. So, I bleached it back to off white and like it as is. The tank and camisole are made from the tank dress pattern, size small. Whew! I made the brown jacket when I got home--it was a remnant that Sharon gave away on the last day and the collar is a scrap I had from a jacket I made in the spring.
It was fun to sew garments that fit, including the gray Oxford Pants--made in a small. They fit well, but Loes helped me to "scoop out the butt" to make the fit really just about perfect! Now I have a TNT pants pattern that I can use as it is or to help me adjust other patterns to ensure good fit. Hope I can load the photos now!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lots of Stuff to Share!

I have been out of town sewing--what a blast! I will share photos soon--gotta get my things organized, the laundry done, and take time to play with the grand kids.

More to come soon!

Here's what I made:

2 jackets
2 pairs of pants
3 t shirts
2 tanks

All made from Loes Hinse patterns with her expert guidance. How fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sorta Slow--Lace t shirt

Here's a photo of the LH perfect T with the lace trim at the bottom. I like it! Of course now I notice the wrinkles and wonder if I just needed to straighten the shirt or if I need to do some sort of FBA...Nah! I still like it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

T shirts/Loes Hinse/Muslins

I've done a little sewing! I made 2 muslin t shirts from Loes Hinse patterns. I'm going to a seminar at the end of October and want to be sure I have an idea of the right size pattern to use. So, I made a boatneck t shirt from a simple white cotton lycra knit. I bought the fabric in the garment district in LA last summer. I don't know the name of the shop, but it has nice weight and I'm pleased with the fabric. I made the small and it fits well right out of the envelope. I'll try to get a photo.

I also made the LH perfect t from some white rib knit fabric that has been in the stash for a while. It is almost a double knit--I'm sure it is mostly poly. I chose to make the short sleeve version and also traced the shirt in a size small. Again, it fits and I will get a photo when I find some lace to use at the hem as on the pattern envelope.

Here it is without the lace yet...hopefully I'll find some when I make a run to JoAnn's later this afternoon!

It feels good to get back into the sewing room! I traced several other LH patterns this past week in anticipation of going to the seminar up in Carmel. We will take a circuitous route, however, visiting our older son and his family first. Let's see what I can do about photos...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home! No sewing yet!

We are home--trying to readjust to the PST time zone which is 9 hours different from France. Loved our trip--wonderful places, wonderful people, delicious food and wine. I bought a couple of sewing items--some bias ribbon in Chinon at a delightful Bernina dealer. A magazine in Blois, a magazine in Nice...nothing too extravagant~didn't see fabric I wanted at a price I was willing to pay to drag it home. I did appreciate that life in general is much more expensive in France and that the kind of stash/excess I sometimes indulge in would not be possible for me there.

I am anxious to get back to sewing--I need a couple of days to finish adjusting to life here, spoiling the grands, reading the mail, etc.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Vacation Break

We are off to visit France for 3 weeks so I'll be on hiatis from sewing...but will be back in October!

I'm looking forward to visiting with old friends in Paris--the family I lived with when doing a language school in Annecy one summer. Wonderful people and I'm anxious to reconnect and share our family stories from the years in between.

We will travel from Paris through the Loire Valley to central France to see the Lascaux Caves, Carcasonne, Provence villages and end up in Nice. Along the way we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

Happy sewing--see you soon!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Burda Jacket BWOF 03/2006 Style 101

I have been doing some sewing this week--made some logos for DGS's Halloween costume and got them in the mail without photos. Maybe I'll see how they work on the finished costume and get a photo later!

I made myself the Burda jacket, thinking I might take it on our trip next week. I think it is too heavy! It is made of an ottoman knit and lined with some stretch satin I bought from Kathy's coop--a Victoria's Secret overrun. Both fabrics have quite a bit of body and the jacket will be warm!
Here are the photos, taken in our yard here in Las Vegas:

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kid Sewing

I just made a little unitard for my DGD who is in 3 different dance classes this year and needs different kinds of clothing for each--ballet, tap, and jazz. So, I got KS pattern and made up one unitard today. IF it fits and meets approval of DDIL and DGD, I can make her another one. One black and one pink.

Will post a photo when I get her to try it on. We are back in LV after spending the summer at our condo at the beach. Nice to be home, but I miss that fabulous climate at the beach!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Burda Jacket 07/08 #112 and Pants--Finally Finished!

Here is the jacket--finally finished! This is Burda WOF 7/2008 style 112. I made the jacket in a size 40 but had to take in most of the vertical seams to more like a 38. The collar gave me fits--I know the directions in the magazine are not correct. I put the whole project away for a couple of weeks until I could really face looking closely at the directions. There is NO collar stand in my version even though the piece was there to use and the directions say to use it. Mine now looks like the photos in the magazine and the result is fine with me! I did notice that I only rolled up one sleeve prior to the photo shoot--but heck, it took forever to get my photo so just imagine both sleeves the same length!

The pants are from an old Burda Petites issue E713. I don't really know what those letters stand for, but it is from a magazine thatBurda used to publish with petite sizes only. These pants are a size 19 flared out to a 20 for the waist. I ended up taking the waist in a bit, so maybe a 19 with smaller seam allowances would work OK!

Both of these pieces are from the same woven fabric as the skirt in the previous post--all can go together for a travel wardrobe. Everything is wash and wear--my original goal! These were supposed to be wearable muslins, but I think they are just the wearable garments!

Overall, I am pleased with the results.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Burda Skirt

I have been sewing garments from a piece of fabric I bought in LA at Michael Levines on my birthday. It is a wool/synthetic/lycra blend suiting and has made nice garments. This skirt is from Burda 03/2006 style #115 in a size 38. However, I had to resew the side seams letting the skirt out a bit as it was tight! Here is my photo--not great, but you get the idea :>) I like the belt made from doubled ribbon and the belt loop details.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Boys in Shirts

Here are the boys in their lion shirts--pretty darn cute from Grandma's point of view! BUT, you can see that DGS #2 needs a longer shirt! He is 2 but almost as tall as his big brother who is 4. I think the fit is OK through the shoulders and body, just needs about 3 inches added to the length of the shirt!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to Sewing!

I am sewing a twinset from a Kwiksew pattern--had a wonderful long weekend with DS#2 and his family--but now it's back to our usual routine. One stop at the grocery store this afternoon then I'm ready to sew!

Back soon with photos--I hope!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Latest Project and Failures...

Here's a photo of the latest blouse I made from my "wearable muslin" purchases. It is OK--not sure I love the style on me. But I'm finding out about sizing and doing some techniques I haven't done in a while. All in all, I'm fine with it! This is a simplicity pattern, size 12. I guess I can't rotate the picture once it's in the blog...sorry! I also have a lovely farmer tan from wearing t shirts when I walk every morning. I try to stay out of the mid-day sun, but I guess I still get some tan.

I'm also working on a jacket #112 from BWOF 7/2008. On that, the fit was awful and I had to take it in a couple of inches. I made a size 40 since the size 38 blouse in previous post is slightly tight in the sleeves. Guess I need a 39! Anyway, I am having a terrible time with the directions and now that I am at the collar stage I put it in a box and will look at it "later" if later ever comes!!! I will, just need some time to reflect and think about how they must want me to put the thing together!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Finished Burda Blouse and Fun Birthday!

I finished the Burda #107 from 6/2008 today--so here's a photo or two!
This is my wearable muslin--think I will make the 40 next time at least for the sleeves.
Today DH and I went to the Los Angeles fabric district and just looked around. I bought a few pieces at Michael Levine, a piece of cute embroidered cotton print for DGD at a street stall, and some nice while lycra/cotton knit for a shirt for me.
The drive was easy from here--we used the GPS system in the car and just programmed our destination. I think I can get DH to take me back when I need a fabric fix even if it isn't my birthday!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Work in Progress--More Stash

I am pretty slow getting started on my Burda blouse--seems everyone else has made this style #107 from the 06/2008 issue of BWOF, but here is mine with a collar yet to go. I have to take breaks from sewing as my upper back can only handle so much at one time!

This blouse also needs button holes and buttons--but since I figured out how to do them on my Bernina 1630 I have no fear of button holes! Perfect every time!

This fabric and the pieces below came from a trip to M and L Fabrics in Anaheim/Cypress, CA a couple of days ago. It is an interesting store--lots of quilting fabrics and a large selection of flat fold fabrics that are under $2 per yard. Wearable muslins in my book!

The fabrics in the back row are for me to try out the Burda blouses I have been coveting! The above #107 is a size 38 and fits pretty well--think I might make a 40 next to see how much bigger that might be. My only issue with this version is that the sleeves are a bit tight.

Happy sewing everyone! Tomorrow is my BIG birthday :>)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Better Photos--Post Earthquake

Yes--we had an earthquake this morning. All is well, and DH took these photos of the boys' shirts not long after the quake rolled through. No damage here, thank goodness :>)

I think the shirts will be cute on the boys!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quick Picture!

Here are the boys' shirts made with the same fabric as the giraffe dress. I'll take a good picture after the buttons are on and I've put them through the washer to get the chalk lines out.

We are taking a road trip today so I will sew the buttons on in the car--easy for me and gives me something to do while DH does the driving!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Works in Progress

I am making 2 more shirts--the same brown as the giraffe dress so the boys will match big sister. I have one almost finished and the second is cut out and all edges serged ready for construction. I should be done with both tomorrow. Today is Aquarium day, so not much sewing will take place here.

I'm also having fun making necklaces using the technique in the previous button jewelry but using beads instead of buttons. Cute and easy for summer wear. I bought a belt on sale at Coldwater Creek which gave me a large bead supply in already coordinated colors. We went to a friend's home for dinner last weekend and I made a choker in the car on the way there. Fast and easy!

Photos will be in tomorrow or Friday's post! Tomorrow is lunch with my dad--and a trip to the audiologist for him to tune up the hearing aides. Always something!

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Boy Sewing!

I finally finished a little shirt for the youngest DGS--this is more a "muslin" as I was trying out an Ottobre Design pattern for the first time in this style. I bought the fabric a couple years ago--it was supposed to be part of a Halloween costume for his older brother! But, it was a "scrap" that I was just keeping for practice and now a shirt! This is style #16 from 3/2006 Ottobre in a size 92. Hope it isn't huge on the little guy. He will soon be 2.
I know I sew more for the girls, but I do have 3 grand sons, so I need to make a few things for them too! I make t shirts and knit things but wanted to try a real shirt this time. There are some issues with this garment, but I think a 2 YO will enjoy it!

The pocket embroidery is from the same designer as the giraffe on older sister's dress from a few entries ago.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Fun Ottobre Project

These are a bracelet and necklace made from waxed cord and buttons following directions in the 03/2008 issue of Ottobre Design magazine. They are hung over the hanger and pinned to the bodice of an Ottobre outfit described in previous blog entries. I made both the necklace and bracelet in about an hour. This would be a fun project for kids to do too--maybe age 8 and up? Now I need to pack up the goodies and send them to my grand daughter. Better find something to stick in the package for her little brothers too!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Now, Sewing Photos!

Back to the Ottobre 03/08 garments. Here are the tunic and the daisy pants from this issue.

Photo--Not Sewing!

Every Wednesday afternoon, DH and I volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific. We are education volunteers and we work at various stations within the AoP. Here is a photo of me last Wednesday while shark wading. We had a brief hands on training of correct ways to touch and hold the animals and now spend about an hour of our 5 hous shift walking in the shark lagoon. Lots of fun!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I've Been Sewing...

But no photos yet! I made an outfit for my younger DGD from Ottobre 03/08--top #15 and Daisy pants #16. I bought the fabric at Fabricland in Orange, CA and the ribbon trim and beads at the ribbon store (Fabric Barn?) on Anaheim in Long Beach. This outfit is a size 110 and I hope it will fit her for a while.

I am making shirts for her brothers too--but haven't gotten too far. I got a new-to-me Evolve serger for my birthday next month. I have one at home and had purchased an older used Babylock serger for use at the condo. Much frustration with threading later, I found a used Evolve on a sewing list and purchased it from MN. I have been experimenting with the threading and different functions. At home I totally underuse this machine as I have a coverstitch machine and a backup here. I don't buy jewelry. I don't spend much $$ on RTW clothing. My splurges are my grand kids and sewing machines.

I spent much too much time on the phone today with the social security operator (call center) trying to get a duplicate 1099 for my dad and to change his mailing address back to his previous home, where my sister now lives. I was on hold for 50 minutes and never did get the issue resolved even with a call back from a supervisor. If my dad were in better condition, we could take him to the local office in Aliso Viejo and get this done in person. We may have to do that anyway and just make him deal with the situation. Ugh.

Hopefully, photos will be posted tomorrow when DH takes his camera out to get flower photos!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Top for Me!

This top is from ivory silk dupioni--an easy pattern but I sure made an ordeal out of it! It is an easy Simplicity Summer Trends pattern #0632 size 12. The fabric I got from Fabric Depot in Portland via the web. I made a size 12 and like the fit. For the drawstring casing I practiced on my new (to me) Evolve and used the rolled hem to finish the edges of a strip of fabric. I stitched this to the right side and used satin ivory ribbon for the string itself. Not sure this is really "me" but I like the way it turned out and will wear it with black dress slacks for a nice dinner out this summer.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another Girl, Another Dress!

Here is the dress that started the idea for elastic gathered dresses. This one is for my oldest grandchild--who will be 12 in two weeks! YIKES! This dress is from JA fabric, 29inches long and 26 inches around. The neck tie is pinned on because she did not request any ties--it is a "just in case" addition. I got a new-to-me serger for the beach and played with the rolled hem feature for the tie as well as the hem of the dress. I'm a bit concerned about shrinkage in this gauzy fabric when it's washed. Another fun and easy project!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Easy Project!

Here's a little dress I made in about 30 min for my DGD. It is pre gathered fabric from JoAnns--I bought 25 inches for this dress. The major sewing is one seam, a hem, and tie straps. The straps were made from the 5 inches I cut off of the length of the dress. I will send it to my DGD and hope she enjoys wearing it for summer activities.

Just a short note--today is my dad's 92nd birthday! He is doing OK. Some days are better than others, but he will join us on Sunday at a family lunch celebration at my sister's house.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Burda Bloomers

Here are the bloomers/shorts I made to go under the (previous entry) giraffe dress for DGD. I had a heck of a time with the pockets and had just about decided the shorts weren't worth the aggravation. Then, after I posted a question on the Burda English list at yahoo, Sigrid gave me an excellent idea and the pockets were a snap to attach. Sigrid suggested I use a bias or piping trim around the edge of the pockets, gather the pocket fullness to this strip, then stitch in the ditch to attach the pockets to the front of the garment. Wonderful!!! I got the rest of the Burda directions and finished the shorts. I will give them to DGD tomorrow to wear under her dress--or with a tshirt for play.
These bloomers are size 104 from BWOF 3/2008--I think they are style number 132.

What a great thing it is to find new friends in the internet blogosphere! It is incredible that my assistance came from the Netherlands. Thanks so much, Sigrid!

Monday, June 16, 2008

RTW Knockoff

Here is a shameless copy of a dress I saw in the window of a children's clothing store. Mine is a simple sundress with the embroidery design. The original dress had more details, but I think this one is cute and hope my DGD likes it! Yippee, I'm sewing!

This is #144 from BWOF 07/2006 in a size 104. Fabric from M&L Fabrics in Westminster, CA. Just finished tonight. (Well, it needs 4 buttons on the back, but that requires a trip to JA's tomorrow. ) I did the buttonholes on my Bernina 1630 and am very pleased with the results.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Block? Fear?

I am currently trying to get through my sewing reluctance, loss of mojo, fear of failure, whatever! I have traced patterns and cut out the fabric...then moved on to another project so I don't have to go through the disappointment of a garment that doesn't fit, I don't like, isn't what I had imagined, etc. Ugh.

We are at our beach condo for the rest of the summer. I have duplicate machines here, so it isn't as if I don't have the equipment I need to get the sewing done. Currently cut out but not sewn:

NE pants--black stretch twill

white blouse--Mc Calls

olive jeans--Ottobre women

I am really interested in getting these items made--hopeful that they may be a potential TNT pattern.

For a long time--maybe 5-7 years--I told DH that my hobby was not sewing, rather it was collecting fabric and patterns. He was OK with that--I'm not a wasteful person and this little obsession was not putting us in debt. Then I started sewing again. Grand kids, me, even DH. I went to a Pati Palmer workshop in Portland for a week--learned a lot and made 2 pairs of pants. My job became very demanding, no time to sew, etc. My mom had been my example and I loved to share sewing magazines and ideas with her. Unfortunately, Mom lost a tough battle with congestive heart failure in the fall of 2006. I lost my beloved Mom and my only sewing buddy. Then retirement! I had time to sew and to take better care of myself. To my surprise, I was finally able to lose weight and now I am not certain what will fit and what won't. Gotta jump in and try!

Hopefully, my next entry will have photos of one of the above garments in its final form!

Happy sewing to everyone!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally Photos!

Finally--here are the photos of the latest projects--one not quite finished.

Sandra Betzina Vogue pattern for turquise top with bolero collar. I made a size C using some relatively stretchy fabric from the stash. I made the size according to measurements, but then read reviews on PR and found that the top runs small. Hmmm. I went back and serged the seams with a 3/8 inch SA instead of the 5/8 I'd originally done. The added inch made a big difference and I now like the fit.

Not made to go with, but they do mix and match OK, are some LH Europeans made from a stretch woven I got from Anne at NeedleNook. I like them--a bit more causal than most pants I've made lately and that is OK!!!

Next, a jacket made from a linen/rayon blend purchased at JA. It's a McCall's pattern 5477. I made a 14 based on measurements, and it is too big through the shoulders and chest--not the bust, but the upper chest. So, I will finish it (need to tack down lining and hem the sleeves. I'm using a snap for closure and sewing a button on for looks) and probably wear it. Not as excited about the finished product as I was the prospect of the jacket. Oh well.
Finally, matching "cheese" shirts for Grandma and Grandpa. We are going to visit our 9 YO grandson and wanted to greet him wearing copies of the famous cheese shirts!
No sewing for a while as we'll be out of town.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Week Gone Already?

No photos, but I did make a pair of LH Europeans--they are a lightweight stretch woven from Anne at Needle Nook. I like them, but now I need to make something to go with them. The fabric I bought to coordinate is too heavy for summer clothes.

I'm also making a muslin of a Vogue Sandra Betzina pants pattern. I'm sewing the side seams and will finish fitting this evening--off for the rest of the afternoon to spend with kids and DGKs at their house.

Photos tomorrow...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Magic Kingdon

No photos--DH and I spent the day at Disneyland. Had loads of fun! We shopped for the DGKs, mailed bday cards to special kids, and went to the Aladdin show in Ca Adventure. Fun!

I have been tracing some patterns to make some garments for myself--but no real sewing this week. I did get my 1630 back from the LB Bernina store so she is ready and waiting for some serious sewing. Just have to get myself organized as to what I want to make!

Happy Mothers Day to all who are moms and to all of our moms--or their memories. My mom was the BEST. Miss her every day.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Better Photos

OK--So I took the previous photo and DH took these. Guess the big fancy camera with someone who knows what he is doing is better than me with my little point and push! So, here are a couple more photos of the Princess Dress!

She's a Princess!

Here's the dress I made for my older DGD for a school banquet related to a social studies unit. I used Ottobre #19 from issue 01/2003 in a size 140 with a little ease in the side seams. Fabric is from JoAnns and color choice made by DGD. I think she will enjoy wearing it!