Monday, December 1, 2008

More Pretties

First, here is my dog--Brandy Bear the poodle. He is most often known as Bubba. He will soon be 10. He was a birthday gift to me when he was a year old. Go figure--he loves me but he LOVES DH. Silly boy!
Next are two outfits I made for DGD for Christmas using patterns from Ottobre 4-2008 designs 18 and 19 in size 116. The red is from the previous post, but shows the leggings. These have a flared hem. The blue is the same combination, but the tunic is made from the scraps from the leggings and some scraps I had from a tunic I made for same DGD last Christmas. I know DGD will like them because they are soft and comfy!

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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Ahhh Brandy Bear is so cute :) I have a "Bradley" - black poodle who is 4 and he is a sweetheart! The outfits are very nice. I'm sure your DGD will love them :)