Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Just spoke with older son--he is cooking with his family. Older DGD made a pumpkin cheesecake! Great news that she can cook too! Sure miss having the whole group together for the holidays...

I did a little sewing this week and DH took photos for me. One Ottobre tunic for younger DGD and a couple of "wraps" for DH's photo gear. Ripstop nylon squares with fleece backing and secured by velcro strips. No fit issues!

I loved the Ottobre top--really well drafted and each piece fit perfectly together. I don't think I'll use the elastic method for gathering if I make this again. It is from the 4/2008 issue, style #19, "Kaiku" cross-front tunic. I made a size 116 for my 6 YO DGD. I also made the Lokki leggings from the same issue--need to hem and put in the elastic and they will be ready for the holiday gift stash. I am hoping to measure DGD's waist today at Thanksgiving. Maybe, maybe not. I am also going to go over the directions for using the cover stitch on my Evolve serger and give that a go. I am not thrilled with my Janome 900 CS machine--may well be user error, but it is just not the quality of stitch I am hoping for.

So, that's it for now. Photos to follow!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Leah said...

Great job on the tunic!

Pamela Erny said...

Fab Tunic...I love this pattern!

Pam, from the Ottobre list and
~Off The Cuff Style~