Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have this blog because I want to document the sewing I've done--first for myself, but also for the others who read and look at the photos. I just want to say THANK YOU for the kind comments you leave--makes the world of difference some days to see that someone else has looked at the garments and shared a kind word. Thanks to all of you!

I hope each reader has a special day tomorrow--whether celebrants of the holiday here in the US or readers who live elsewhere and just need a good day! Enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ottobre "Neat Beat" Pants

I finished the pants to go with the previous entry's tunic. These are the Neat Beat pants from Ottobre 6/2009. I had the stretch nowale cord in my stash and like the way they turned out.

You can see the back has elastic in a casing while the front have a nice flat yoke. I think they coordinate well with the tunic and will fit my DGD pretty well! I did cut off the pants at the bottom by 1.5 inches and did not add any other for a hem to begin with. I took a hem of about 1.5 inches so they should be fine for her. We went shopping today and everything she looked at was too long. Family curse!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ottobre Woodstock Tunic

Here is the tunic I cut out last weekend...seems things are pretty slow around here! The fabric is from a group of half yard pieces I bought on etsy--not sure the design or the seller, as it has been aging in the stash for a while. Due to the aging process, the grand daughter has grown...I had to do a little cheating in making the fabric fit the pattern. The polka dot piece at the bottom of the front and back pieces was a small change I made to make the fabric stretch! The pants I'm making are out of stretch no wale corduroy in a chocolate brown. This is a size 122 and the pants that will coordinate with it are about half done. I like the bright colors that still have a fall/winter feel. This pair of garments appealed to me because they are described as slim fit, and DGD is pretty slim--not skinny, but always needs to have the buttonhole elastic pulled tight in RTW garments.
I think I am going to put this in the pile of things headed for Christmas gifts--after I finish the coordinating "neat beat" pants, I think I will make a few pairs of PJs for the kids for Christmas too.
I hope to get a photo in the morning and then I'll publish this post!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little Girl's Apron

I had a fun Saturday with my DGD--she spent the night, we went to a UNLV basketball game, our team won, and we played in my sewing studio. Part of the time she watched TV, played with legos, and chose designs and threads to stitch out on my embroidery machine. I chose some stash fabric that has been around for years--very lightweight seersucker that I really didn't care about. When we had stitched out quite a few samples from the built in designs, she decided she'd like an apron from the designs. Yikes! I had just cut up little scraps to put on the Hoop It All frame with sticky paper! No apron that day. But I later looked at my stash of patterns and found this pattern that I had purchased at least a year ago. I took the scraps we'd embroidered and made the reversible apron, using the scraps to embelish the pocket on the red print side and a larger piece as the pocket on the white seersucker side.

This is an easy pattern and comes with sizes for dolls, girls, and women. I think I may make her mom one too, but out of nicer fabric with more tasteful designs. I like the construction for this reversible apron--pretty easy and allows for some choices in fabric selection. I'm thinking a Christmas print on one side and a coordinating solid on the other. I MUST have something in the fabric stash that would be suitable :>)

I know that my DGD will love her apron, however, with the mementos of a sewing afternoon with Grandma. Can't ask for much more than that--for her or me! I do still have two Ottobre garments cut out and partially constructed for same DGD. These will be completed over the next day or so.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's on the Cutting Table...

In keeping with the blog's title, "stuff" for my DGD for Christmas. I love Ottobre patterns for kids, and I've selected a few to make for the holiday. We went to CA for the weekend, had a doctor's appt today with the orthopaedic surgeon to follow up with my knee and went by to visit my the car on the way home I purused several magazines and chose some styles to trace. I have lots of things I can make for me, but I don't really need anything right now. Making things for the kids is fun, and the time is short when they'll wear what I make!

Specific styles to come soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loes Hinse Seminar #2

Back from the walk, some grocery shopping, etc. so I will finish posting the photos of the items I finished from the sewing seminar. I have one ivory/white boucle short jacket that I LOVE that needs some hand work and buttons/button holes. I will save it for another post.

Here is a Biarritz jacket made from LA garment district (Maybe Michael Levine?) wool blend with a collar from some fabric I bought from Sharon. The button embellishment came from Findings, a wonderful little shop in Carmel. The owner carries some fabric, but mostly trims, buttons, fastenings, etc. Wonderful findings! I had some fabric left so I made a perfect Tee from it too. EASY and I love the fit. It is dressier than a plain old t shirt, but it fits and feels the same! In the photo with the t shirt is a boot skirt made in the long version out of a fabric I bought last year from Sharon. I had made the skirt save the waist treatment and could not remember exactly what to do--turns out nothing special! I used 1 inch black elastic sewn in a circle, quartered it, sewed it to the top of the wrong side of the skirt. Then I turned it under and stitched it down with a zig zag stitch. Ready for some gala event now!

Finally, I made a Biarritz Zipper jacket/sweater from some black sweater knit I bought from Sharon (maybe last year or maybe online--see the URL below)

You can also buy the pamphlet to change the neckline of the Biarritz jacket to accommodate the zipper. One cute feature of this is that the zipper is inserted upside down. I really like the results of this project. It will make a great travel garment, and even looks pretty cute with the long skirt. Lots of mix and match options here.

I almost forgot the v neck tunic I made from a light sweater knit from Sharon. I had not made this before and was very pleased with the fit and the final garment. In spite of some discussion on an internet site, I do not find the neckline especially low. I could wear a t shirt under it, however, for warmth this winter.

I have a couple other garments I want to make, but I think I'll finish the boucle jacket then get started on some things for DGD for Christmas.

Loes Hinse Seminar Garments

Here's a quick review of some of the things I made at the seminar in Carmel last month. What a fun four days! Loes shares all of her expertise and her "tweaks" of new and well known patterns. The opportunity to purchase fabrics selected by Loes and sold by Sharon is one of the real advantages of attending a seminar besides the help, advice, and critique of Loes and the other sewists.

This first jacket is the newest of Loes's creations, a pattern in progress. It is called the Paris jacket and is a seamed princess construction. Close fitting and high hip length. This will illustrate the new trend in her boutique garments to be more fitted, femenine, and focusing on black and white with one accent color. This garment does not close in front. IF a closing is desired, it would be done with a crocheted loop and one button bringing the two center fronts together, but not overlapping. I love this jacket! It is light and easy to put on to dress up even a tee shirt and jeans! I know I will get a lot of wear from it.

These next two are TNT patterns for me--European pants and a Perfect T shirt. I love the fabrics I was able to get from Sharon. The T is an onion skin that looks reall sheer hanging on the back fence, but it is really quite modest and goes with every pair of pants I own! The second photo shows the the T with a tube scarf I made per Loes's instructions. I love it!!!

These garments will get a lot of wear as travel pieces! I am going to close this blog entry as I am on my way out for my daily walk. I'll post more photos when I get home. I made 2 more jackets, finished a "ball gown" skirt, a v neck tunic, and made another Perfect Tee. Lots of sewing and fun!