Saturday, June 8, 2013

JCrew Rayon Lycra Fabric

In case some of the coop members are on the fence about this fabric, I love this fabric!  I have been able to purchase this from a coop to which I belong.  The fabric is soft but not "wimpy" and the shirts I have made are still in great condition! The lycra does not make them too stretchy, just enough to maintain their shape and not stretch out. So, here are a few of the past projects.

I made two like the top photo--basic white long sleeve tee shirts from the Loes Hinse Perfect Tee pattern.  For me, this is the perfect pattern.  It fits and I do not need to alter anything.  Whooppee. I also made this same pattern in a burgandy and also a medium brow
n colorway.  I wear these all the time with a jacket or cardigan or just a stand alone.  Very versatile and they fill in well in my lifestyle.

The bottom one is a color block tee made from same pattern with white top and black lower 2/3.  Again, this fabric sewed together effortlessly and behaves well when worn even after many washings.

I am ordering more of the same fabric in a few select colors.  It is a staple for me.  I probably need to go back and review the colors I did order.  LOL! 

Final photo is a camouflaged black tee from same pattern and fabric.  I made a couple of scarves to wear during the cooler weather and they coordinate well with this stuff too.

Just my opinion, but I am always happy to see this fabric when it is for sale!

ETA--I also made a turtleneck from an Ottobre pattern for my 10 YO granddaughter.  Wears well for kids' clothing too.