Saturday, July 30, 2011

Almost Done! Anything But Ordinary Muslin

This is my muslin for the ASG project--trying out size and fit of the pattern.  I made an XS per Louise's advice.  It fits fine--a little short for my taste, so I think I will add 1.5 inches to the lengthen line of the front and back pattern pieces where indicated.  Wonderful pattern--great directions, and perfectly drafted.  I'm not sure I would select this for myself, based on drop shoulders and no real shaping, but I think it's cute and may wear it more than I think.  I took my Singer 301 home, so I will save the buttons and button holes for a future date.  I also need to hem the sleeves.  No biggie.

Here is the jacket:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Sewing? Not so much...

I have been enjoying the summer here at the beach.  We are busy as volunteers at the Aquarium of the Pacific and being tourists in my childhood neighborhoods.  I do sew here--have a full complement of sewing machines, etc., but also have lots of other things to occupy my time.  I have worked a bit at the sewing machines in the past few weeks...

I made DGD a pair of leggings from the most recent Ottobre Design magazine.

I am working slowly on a muslin for an Anything But Ordinary  jacket.  I'm going to attend the ASG convention in LA next month and will be taking Louise Cutting's all day class which uses this pattern.  I want to be sure I have the pattern size just right.  But, I only sew a seam or two a day and then get distracted! I am off to the Long Beach Quilt Show in a few minutes.  See?  Distracted again.

Let's hope everyone is having a summer full of pleasant distractions!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Look at Quincy Pants and LH Perfect tee

Here's a quick photo of the pants--made from some really poor quality ponte de roma I ordered from  There really are a musliin, but I can wear them for beach trips, etc.

I think they are too big around at the waist and will size down.  I made the loop accent from the same fabric and it is definitely too bulky.  I think I may make them again, however, as I like the more narrow leg and the loop and button accent is kinda trendy. 

The  tee is just a Perfect Tee from my TNT  Loes Hinse pattern.  I bought the fabric from The SEwing Workshop and I really like the funky knit.  I have some more in the stash and may use it for accents along the neckline of a plain black tee.  We'll see...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SEwing Workshop Quincy Pants--Fail This Try

I've not made any Sewing Workshop patterns--own a bunch, but never sewed any.  Go figure.  So, I just got the Quincy pattern and thought I'd use the pants (simple) as a starting point.  I measured me and went by the pattern envelope to choose a size.  I make a S in Loes Hinse, with very few alterations.  I made a M in the Quincy and they are HUGE.  I'll try a small tomorrow.

I did finish my 2 pairs of Europeans from the fabric I purchased locally at Fabric Land in Orange.  No hitches in the road in making these.  No photos because it is just more of the same!  The pants are both in the brown family--a tan wool blend that feels like a soft wool but also washes!  The others are a medium brown with a narrow white pinstripe.  They will work in my wardrobe--have lots of other things I can wear with both.  I also made my first Swing Skirt--easy and so cute!  I do want to branch out and use other patterns with success, however, so I'm going to give the Small in the Quincy a try tomorrow.

Has anyone else made these pants?  I'll check over on Patternreview later.  Should have checked sooner, eh?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loes Hinse Paris Jacket--Short on Fabric

Well. long time no post!  I've been enjoying my grand kids and the great Southern California summer weather.  Perfect time to work on a (mostly) wool jacket, don't you think???  Anyway, I thought I'd make one more Paris jacket only to find that I did not have enough fabric in the remnant I'd purchased from Sharon.  I was only short a few inches on the sleeve, but this was not the type of garment that I would like with 3/4 sleeves.  Hmmmm...what to do?  I decided to take advantage of the different patterns on the front and back sides of the fabric and pieced the cuff/hem/bottom of the sleeves.  To make them less of a unique or obvious attempt to save, I put in a couple more pieces of contrast--flipped the under collar piece and added a little triangle of detail from the side seams using the reverse side of the fabric.  Some might say that I used the "wrong" side as the basic jacket, but it was the side I liked most.  Loes had a jacket made from this side and I really liked it.  Not the same pattern, just the same choice of "right" side.

I'm pretty pleased with the result--still need shoulder pads and then I'm going to take it to the cleaner for a good steam/press.  I miss my steam generator iron down here, but a condo just doesn't have enough room for ALL of my sewing goodies.  I put most things away when the grands come and now I am in the process of finding where I hid the dangerous items.  A fun treasure hunt!

My next projects are a couple of pairs of European pants made from some lovely fabric purchased at a local fabric shop in Orange, CA.  Nice store, lovely fabrics and personnel.  I need to get over there more often when we are in the area.