Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Sewing? Not so much...

I have been enjoying the summer here at the beach.  We are busy as volunteers at the Aquarium of the Pacific and being tourists in my childhood neighborhoods.  I do sew here--have a full complement of sewing machines, etc., but also have lots of other things to occupy my time.  I have worked a bit at the sewing machines in the past few weeks...

I made DGD a pair of leggings from the most recent Ottobre Design magazine.

I am working slowly on a muslin for an Anything But Ordinary  jacket.  I'm going to attend the ASG convention in LA next month and will be taking Louise Cutting's all day class which uses this pattern.  I want to be sure I have the pattern size just right.  But, I only sew a seam or two a day and then get distracted! I am off to the Long Beach Quilt Show in a few minutes.  See?  Distracted again.

Let's hope everyone is having a summer full of pleasant distractions!

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