Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to Work!

I am going to take the position as Asst Principal at a local elementary school. I'll wear the clothes I've been making and feel as though my time and expertise may benefit others. The pay is NOT the incentive, believe me. LOL>

I cut out the lining for the Burda jacket and will try to get the "big pieces" together before tomorrow night. I think I need to order some Petersham ribbon and maybe some black trim to finish it off...that is, if it fits! I put the sleeveless outer fabric on the dressform I made last summer. It seems to be OK fitwise, so I shall go forward!

The fabric is a rayon/wool blend from Melody at Fashionista Fabrics--it is really pretty but very fragile as well. Hope it holds together well enough to get the jacket finished.

Photos soon!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work? Do I want to do this?

I am still sewing--small pieces of the AG doll wardrobe and I'm working on jacket 108 from the Feb Burda Style magazine. This is sort of a wearable muslin so I did not include the pockets, but will put some sort of embellishment on the front. I looked at a $1200 jacket today at Nordstrom that did not have pockets either, just faux flaps. Guess I can do that too!

I've been a little antsy since the holidays and contacted my former colleagues to see if anyone needed an admin sub. Very little response came my way, so I have planned a few other activities around my current physical therapy sessions. Well, this afternoon a request came to take over as the principal of an elementary school for the remainder of the year. Hmmmm. I didn't give an answer, asked for some time to think about it. So, by tomorrow morning I need to make up my mind. I worked at an elementary school last spring (as a sub AP) and enjoyed most days. It is a different work load and level of responsibility as the principal. I have "been there/done that" as a middle school principal. BUT, this school has 633 students, not 1900. A staff that is also one thrid the size of my last school, etc. I do need a place to wear some of the clothes I've been sewing!

So, between now and tomorrow morning I'll have to finalize my decision. I know I can work a somewhat flexible schedule and take a few days here and there as needed to visit my dad, run away with my husband, etc. We'll see.

I need to finish the doll clothes a little at a time. Jammies are done, more cut out, etc.

I'll let you know what I decide.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sewing Doll Clothes

I am making clothes for my DGD's AG doll. Both DGD and doll are named Samantha. I had to get a gently loved doll from ebay as the Samantha doll has been retired. DDIL isn't sure that DGD is mature enough for the doll, so for right now she is MINE and I am sewing for her. I spent a long time cutting out the tiny little pattern pieces and am slowly cutting out some fabric. I am doing a marathon cut and will keep a box of things that are ready to sew. I figure they will be good therapy between other projects and won't take too much time to complete, one at a time.

So far I have completed one pair of panties, so I'm not showing a photo today. I am searching for the Pleasant Co pattern that includes undies, but so far no luck. Part of the fun I guess.

Photos to follow soon!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking Totals for 2009

This is a screen shot of the year's Nike Plus walk records from Jan 19, 2009 to Jan 19, 2010. This is a device that pairs a sensor on/in my walking shoes with my ipod Nano. I'm not a real record keeper or statistician, but this system easily keeps track of my daily walks. DH walks with me and wears a pedometer. I do not wear my walking shoes all of the time--for example when we are on vacation, especially in Europe, I wear other comfortable shoes but not lace up walking shoes. Therefore, there are times when I have put in many miles and don't get them recorded. So, on the ipod, I have recorded 1403 miles and DH has recorded 2295 miles for 2009. I'm really pleased and proud of these miles--many years I did not have/make the time to exercise and I suffered for that. Now, it is the first thing I do each day and it is something I do with DH. We enjoy the time together as well as the added benefit of getting exercise. We have walked the sidewalks of Paris, the French countryside, crowded streets in Budapest and early mornings in Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla. We walk the neighborhoods of Belmont Shore in the summer and the malls of Las Vegas in the winter. I have developed a back problem which makes me avoid hills whenever possible, so the local walking trail is out of bounds for a while. Hopefully, physical therapy will correct that or at least improve it and I will be back on our LV trails too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Loes Hinse short jacket and Ottobre Skirt

Photos today! Not great quality, but you can see what I finished! I made this white boucle jacket last October at the Loes Hinse seminar...but just finished the buttons and button holes. Now I can wear it! Also finished up the inside with shoulderpads and the velcro to keep it them in place.

Also, a photo of the Ottobre skirt and the lining--that's my favorite part--love the lining. It just feels great! It is a dark navy blue, but sure looks black in the photo. On the right side you can see the pleats--sort of clumped up on the left side.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ottobre Skirt/Stash Reduction

I need a photo, but until I get the camera out, I'll just tell you what I made. I traced the pattern for an Ottobre skirt for me before Christmas. In an attempt to straighten things up for the holidays, house guests, wrapping table, etc. I misplaced the pieces. When I found them in plain sight the other day, I looked for a piece of fabric I could use as a wearable muslin, and I now have a new skirt!

I found the end of a piece of wool twill I'd used to make some dress slacks. I also needed lining, so I dipped into the cupboard and found this piece of silk charmeuse that I ordered from Fabric Mart at least 8 years ago. Hmmmm. Anyway, the skirt is a bit different with large slanted pleats at the hip and I really like it! The silk feels delicious on the inside. I didn't bring the magazine with directions with me (we are at our condo), so I just put it together in a way that made sense to me. Yippee, it worked. I put in the hem this morning in the car on the way to meet my sister and her SO at Disneyland. I really like the skirt and think it will be a good staple for my more casual wardrobe.

Ottobre sizing? I'm still not so sure I made just the right size. So--given my measurements, I am about 1/2 way between a 38 and a 40--so I just made the pattern by placing the marks between the 2 sizes on the pattern. I labeled the pieces a size 39 and am pleased. Could be a little more snug at the waist, but it is certainly wearable "as is."

Photo will be coming soon--maybe not till we are home and I can use the back fence for the photo studio!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Loes Hinse Chenille Jacket

One of the projects from my seminar experience in October--one I didn't want to make at first! This jacket was for sale at Loes's fabulous boutique in Carmel and though I loved the style, I was unsure about the color. Well, time is always good for me to use to mull things over. So, after I got home I contacted Sharon at Casual Elegance and ordered this unique fabric. It is a knit chenille fabric with open loops near one selvedge.
The pattern is one of the special ones that are available to seminar attendees, but could be created using one of her other jacket patterns as well. The really special thing about this is the fabric, and I'm not sure where one could obtain this other than through Sharon. Anyway, I am pleased with the final product and only need to finish my shoulder pads to make it complete. You can see from the cutting table that it really is messy, but serging the seams made it clean and neat on the inside. A quick and fun project!