Monday, January 4, 2010

Loes Hinse Chenille Jacket

One of the projects from my seminar experience in October--one I didn't want to make at first! This jacket was for sale at Loes's fabulous boutique in Carmel and though I loved the style, I was unsure about the color. Well, time is always good for me to use to mull things over. So, after I got home I contacted Sharon at Casual Elegance and ordered this unique fabric. It is a knit chenille fabric with open loops near one selvedge.
The pattern is one of the special ones that are available to seminar attendees, but could be created using one of her other jacket patterns as well. The really special thing about this is the fabric, and I'm not sure where one could obtain this other than through Sharon. Anyway, I am pleased with the final product and only need to finish my shoulder pads to make it complete. You can see from the cutting table that it really is messy, but serging the seams made it clean and neat on the inside. A quick and fun project!


Summerset said...

Looks great and will complement the other pieces in your wardrobe!

gwensews said...

Love that fabric and the finished garment. I bet you're glad you decided to make it after all!

Bobbie said...

I am LH junkie....that is a gorgeous jacket!