Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sewing Doll Clothes

I am making clothes for my DGD's AG doll. Both DGD and doll are named Samantha. I had to get a gently loved doll from ebay as the Samantha doll has been retired. DDIL isn't sure that DGD is mature enough for the doll, so for right now she is MINE and I am sewing for her. I spent a long time cutting out the tiny little pattern pieces and am slowly cutting out some fabric. I am doing a marathon cut and will keep a box of things that are ready to sew. I figure they will be good therapy between other projects and won't take too much time to complete, one at a time.

So far I have completed one pair of panties, so I'm not showing a photo today. I am searching for the Pleasant Co pattern that includes undies, but so far no luck. Part of the fun I guess.

Photos to follow soon!

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Summerset said...

Oh I've sewn lots of those AG doll clothes! My daughter has a big plastic bin full. They're really easy and take so little fabric.