Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burda 7/2009 Style 108

Is done--waiting for photos! I'm not sure this top is "me" but I finished it and think I will enjoy it as I wear it.

My grandkids (younger set) and their parents are coming for a few days--a visit to see THE Mouse and a day at the beach, a picnic with family, etc. should keep us all busy and exhausted!

I got a new toy at the LB Quilt Show--a great toy, and I'll share more later.

Photo to follow!

See you soon~


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Show

I am off to the Long Beach Quilt Show for the evening session--I am hoping to get some ideas and some STUFF. I am not much of a quilter, but that does not mean that I don't enjoy looking at fabrics, tools, notions, machines, etc. Some techniques are also appropriate to transfer to garment sewing.

I'm off!

I did cut out a top brom the Burda 7/2009 magazine and hope to sew tonight after my first peek at the show!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Burda 1/2009 and 7/2009 Vest and Pants

Two more items finished! DH took the photos, so will have to wait to post until he sends me the pictures. (obviously he came through!) The vest is style #124 from the January 2009 BWOF. I made a size 40 with no adjustments. I might need to make a "39" in the future, but this is OK! The fabric is from my bundle from Michael's Fabrics this spring. It is a twill blend--might have some silk? Nice hand and easy to work with. The lining is something from JoAnns. The pants are style #102 from the July 2009 issue of BWOF--also a size 40 with no alterations. The pants are not lined, per the directions. I think I will use this pattern again but will do a slight "butt scoop" to make the seat fit a little better. All in all, I am pleased with these two pieces. I want to wear a belt over the vest--maybe with a white shirt and black slacks? I made both garments together but not necessarily to wear together. DH took the photo on the balcony of our condo--I love the tropical feel of the grounds here!

We are going to go up to Santa Monica this afternoon--I want to go to the Zara store to examine some of their jackets. I have the Vogue 7579 pattern ready to cut out and am contemplating using some of the construction techniques used in the Zara garments. Lyndsey T made the jacket using the pattern directions but also mentioned on her blog that the Zara construction technique would still make a nice jacket and would save lots of time and work. I looked at every Zara store we passed in Spain, but didn't really focus on the jacket construction then.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jalie Jeans Take Two

Here are the photos of the new jeans made with the fabric requested in the pattern directions. MUCH improved. I made them a larger size and initially had larger side seams. Not needed. When I was putting the pattern directions away I glanced at them again to see that the pattern has 3/8" seam allowances and I used 5/8" seam allowances. I still like the fit and will make them out of some good stretch denim. I bought this piece at a small local fabric/tailor/misc shop and it came out of a cardboard box filled with pieces of fabric. I washed it before cutting, but it still has some folds, creases, marks, etc. on it. I hate the back pockets, but they can be replaced if I ever feel the need. Anyway, it is a great pattern and I will make it again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Patrones Ninos Dress

Better news! Here is a first try of a dress for DGD from the Patrones Ninos magazine I bought in Barcelona in May. I traced a size 7--that means eye balling between the lines for a 6 and an 8--and used a cotton/lycra knit I bought from Sara's fabric coop this spring. VERY nice fabric and I think the dress will be cute for my DGD. It does look different from the original since this is a floral print and the Benneton knock off is the traditional stripe. I may try a stripe later. I used the tutorial Dawn ( posted on sewing the placket opening. I ended up recreating the facing piece and discarding the pieces from Patrones. In the end, I was pleased. I also used my embroidery machine to do the buttonholes cuz my Bernina was just not playing nice to do buttonholes yesterday! Thank goodness for the kind sharing of tutorials on the internet! My Vogue sewing book does not even address the issue. We are at our condo and most of my sewing library is at home, so the Vogue book did not prove to be sufficient!!! I need to bring my RD book here.

This is a photo of the dress and one of the magazine version. I hope DGD likes it! I am going to make solid pink leggings and shorts for her to wear under the dress for school. She likes to PLAY at recess!

Jalie Jeans Round One

Well, I should have read the reviews on PR--I thought there was enough give in this fabric to make my size as indicated by my measurements on the pattern. LOL Even when I used to lie down on my bed to zip my jeans, they weren't this tight!!! So--first try is a dud. Here's a photo of how far I got--and you can see that I let the seams out as far as they would go--then they just looked like sausage casings on my legs. Drat--I liked this fabric. It was not expensive, just a different color for me :>) So, I am now making them from a stretch denim I got at Modern Fabrics in Long Beach. I can already tell the results will be better! Traced a larger size, much more stretch in the fabric, and I added 1 inch seam allowances to the side seams just in case. Will
post more when that version is finished :>)