Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jalie Jeans Take Two

Here are the photos of the new jeans made with the fabric requested in the pattern directions. MUCH improved. I made them a larger size and initially had larger side seams. Not needed. When I was putting the pattern directions away I glanced at them again to see that the pattern has 3/8" seam allowances and I used 5/8" seam allowances. I still like the fit and will make them out of some good stretch denim. I bought this piece at a small local fabric/tailor/misc shop and it came out of a cardboard box filled with pieces of fabric. I washed it before cutting, but it still has some folds, creases, marks, etc. on it. I hate the back pockets, but they can be replaced if I ever feel the need. Anyway, it is a great pattern and I will make it again.


Gail said...

I'm very impressed with jean makers. My machine doesn't cope well with all the thicknesses, even using a jean needle.

gwensews said...

Hey, that's great. Now you have the fit, you can make all the jeans you can ever wear. Nice job!

Lori said...

Great looking jeans.