Saturday, January 19, 2013


Foolish more sub assignment. I've been the principal at a nice elementary school for the past few weeks and will be there for another two weeks. I just don't seem to have much energy at the end of the day, so no sewing.

I'll be back!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sewing Workshop Liberty Shirt

This is my first attempt at making the Liberty. Not sure this pattern is for me. I had a great time sewing it--love the detailed directions and the fact that it is completely finished when the sleeves go in. The pattern is very well drafted and quite unique. I made a small which fits OK. The shoulders are not good, causing strange wrinkles. This is not a common problem for me, so I'm not sure it is worth a lot of pattern alterations for this one garment. I signed up for a Crafty class using this pattern but have yet to watch it. Maybe solutions are suggested in the class? I'll see! Ignore the mess in sewing studio--still at work ;-).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Odds and Ends

I finished a few little things yesterday, the final day of 2012.  One pair of Christine Jonson leggings--I love this pattern from the Basewear collection.  I traced either an 8 or a 10 and then shortened the pattern in two places:  on the L/S line by about 2 inches and at the hem by 3 inches.  The fold up of the pattern at the hem solved two issues--they needed to be shorter than the L/S fold allowed for and they needed to be wider for me through the calf area.  Yippee!  Love these for wearing under long tunics or skirts with boots.  I got the fabric from Anne at Needlenook.  Fabulous service!

The second photo shows three quick projects--the finished Perfect Tee from black JCrew coop fabric.  So easy and so comfortable to wear.  I finished it with the cover stitch function of my Evolve serger.  What a shame that it took me so long to take the plunge and learn to use this feature.  Fabulous!  The two scarves are made from Casual Elegance fabrics--the ivory one was purchased as a "scarf kit" which really means it was cut to aprox. 18" x 72".  I used a combo of rolled hem and narrow 3 thread hem on my Imagine.  I prefered the 3 thread narrow hem to the rolled hem for this fabric.  The black and white is a remnant sweater knit from a shirt I made at the fall seminar.  Easy but so useful!  I know these four little projects will be used all winter.

Off to my 2013 sewing--the first project will be a Liberty shirt from the Sewing Workshop pattern.