Sunday, June 7, 2015

Two Marcy Tilton Projects

Vogue 9112 and 9035

I wanted to try a few new patterns for fun and for the challenge!  Both pieces are finished, but I'm not sure how much wear they will get!  The jacket (9035) is a fun garment made from uniquely shaped pieces that gave me a chance to use the seam ripper quite a bit.  The fabric is a poly taffeta from Marcy Tilton.  I will wear it with black or dark brown slim legged pants.

The dress is V9112 made from a red tag fabric at Joanns. A wearable muslin.  It is huge.  I made the size M per pattern measurements.  I am currently making muslin #2 with an altered size pattern.  I made a "smedium" by tracing between the size small and medium.  I need the bust closer to the M, but shoulders S and below the bust S is still generous.  Hope to finish this version today or tomorrow 😃.

I have been sewing and working at the knitting machine too.  Just no photos!  I need to document my projects here for myself too!