Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sweater and Zip Bag

New photos! New Camera!

You can tell that DH is usually the photographer in this family! I got a new camera--a Pentax Optio. It is a "point and push" digital camera and even I can take photos. Not like the professional quality DH does, but you can see my projects! I learned to download photos from the camera to the computer and find them to download on this blog. Simple for most people, but a new trick for this old dog.
Here are the descriptions of my photos!
First is the zip bag I made for DGD--but put the zipper in upside down, so I had to make another. I thought it was cute and DGD loved the one she got. I love these in-the-hoop embroidery projects!
Second--the first sweater I have ever knit! It is for my youngest DGS who is 6 months old. I hope it will fit him when he needs a sweater! I still need to sew in the zipper. The pattern is "Zippy" by Berrocco yarns--a free pattern. I made it with some inexpensive yarn from JoAnn's. Now I know I CAN make a sweater!
I also made myself a pair of pants--need to get the camera again to take a photo when I put in the button holes.