Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Follow up to Duo Tone Ottobre Dress

Here's a picture of DGD wearing the Ottobre jumper I made and blogged about in last post.  I think she wore boots with this ensemble, hence the lovely pink socks.  They didn't show when she was fully dressed.  LOL.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Duo Tone Jumper Ottobre #23 6/2011

I finally finished a little project for DGD for Christmas!  It wasn't difficult, just confusing at several points.  It is fullly lined so I hand picked the lining at the zipper and did a few little hand stitched touches.  I bought the main fabric years ago--maybe for older DGD when she was small!  I bought the bottom piece at Hancocks a couple of days ago with this project in mind.  Both are cord--top not waled and bottom piece very fine wale.

As usual, the pattern is very well drafted and the pieces went together flawlessly.  I had to pick out the invisible zipper because of pilot error--stitched too close to the coil and it wouldn't zip!  Easy fix and now it is ready for the gift box.  I'm also putting in red leggings and a red turtleneck top I bought at Target.  It is cute and could be dressy, but I am hoping she will wear it to school and get some use from it!

All of the seams are top stitched, but since it is black on black, I did not think it would be useful to add more photos. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Missing Person

I know I have not been posting and guessing am on hiatus from sewing and blogging. I am embroidering silly shirts for teen grands and sewing simple AG doll clothes for the younger DGD. Our home is for sale so I'm trying not to make a big mess just in case someone wants to look. Not much traffic at this time of year!

I have lots of fabric and patterns and am anxious to make a few things, but will have to wait until other responsibilities move to the back burner. I am working as an elementary p for 2 more weeks and then I'll return to retirement. I am again reminded of the fabulous job teachers do, even in a difficult economy when some seem to under appreciate the time and caring the teachers put into their jobs. It is nice to be working with this community at the holiday time of year. Two of our school families lost homes this week due to fire. Food and clothing have already beendonatto the families and the children will have toys for the holidays.

No sewing, but life is good.