Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Duo Tone Jumper Ottobre #23 6/2011

I finally finished a little project for DGD for Christmas!  It wasn't difficult, just confusing at several points.  It is fullly lined so I hand picked the lining at the zipper and did a few little hand stitched touches.  I bought the main fabric years ago--maybe for older DGD when she was small!  I bought the bottom piece at Hancocks a couple of days ago with this project in mind.  Both are cord--top not waled and bottom piece very fine wale.

As usual, the pattern is very well drafted and the pieces went together flawlessly.  I had to pick out the invisible zipper because of pilot error--stitched too close to the coil and it wouldn't zip!  Easy fix and now it is ready for the gift box.  I'm also putting in red leggings and a red turtleneck top I bought at Target.  It is cute and could be dressy, but I am hoping she will wear it to school and get some use from it!

All of the seams are top stitched, but since it is black on black, I did not think it would be useful to add more photos. 

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Summerset said...

Super cute and smart to make a contrast band at the bottom!