Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my younger son's birthday--as his brother told him, "milk the last year of your 30's for all you've got!"  Happy Birthday!

The sewing studio at the condo is all put away, at least the pieces I can put away.  Tomorrow morning said son and his 3 kidlets will arrive for a week or so and they will take over our "spare" room for dorm space.  We will be busy and I won't miss my sewing space.  Disney, zoo, beach, pool, etc are in our future.  See you in July!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Loes Hinse Tank Dress Maxi

This was a very quick project--kind of a trial that I really like!  I added two inches at the lower L/S line of the longer version--did not use the side slit and it fits well!  My version is rayon challis from the stash.  Easy way to create a simple summer dress!  This took about an hour to make ;-)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Vogue 7975 wearable muslin

Here is a work in progress--iphone photo--with one sleeve set in. For once I took someone's advice and pinned the sleeve without any ease stitching.  What a joy!  It would have been even better if I hadn't put the sleeve in the wrong armhole.  I patiently unpicked it and resewed it in its proper place.  Whew.   I am going to use the silk organza lining a la Nancy Erickson's directions.  Basically two identical jackets sewn together at the neck and front edges.  There will not be a facing in this one, though I guess that is an option.  I was snoop shopping at Zara the other day and looked at some of their spring/summer jackets.  Even DH commented on the quality (?) of the construction, but they were cute!  Theirs are not really sewn together...rather the lining is placed inside the jacket and both pieces of the garment are zigzagged at the edges, leaving a small raw edge hanging off.  One jacket had grosgrain ribbon on the underside of the front edges for stability.  I may try this technique.

I had not made this pattern before and was leary of using the good fabric I have saved for doing a more labor intensive version of the jacket--I want to use Claire Schaeffer's instructions for finishing a Chanel like jacket.  First I needed a pattern that fit.  I am not a fan of Vogue patterns because I find the fit to be so hit or miss for me.  Using my measurements, I recently made a V 8819 cardigan.  Huge.  So, this is a size 12 and could be taken in a bit.  I will make notes for when I cut the "real" fabric.  I hope to finish this tomorrow, but my DGKs are coming to swim, have dinner, and spend the night.  They have not slept in this house and it may be a long night with them waking up in unfamiliar surroundings.  Let's hope not!

I am proud to say that ALL boxes are unpacked after our move.  That is a first!  We have moved many times during our almost 44 years of marriage and I usually just wear out with the final boxes.  I have been on the hunt for my camera.  No luck.  DH has a jillion cameras, but I want a simple one that does not require a PhD in photography (or the equivalent) to operate.  Hopefully I will be able to find one soon so I can get back to documenting my little projects.

Next project is cleaning up the mess I have made in this room.  I'm trying to keep up with the scraps in the new studio ;-)