Sunday, April 25, 2010

Loes Hinse Cruise Pants

This is my first go at this pattern, but it fits very similar to the view B European pants I just made. This is a wearable muslin--used some stash fabric. I like them and will wear them. The fabric is wool or a wool blend, so not the wisest choice for spring and summer here in the desert! I do like the inseam pocket and am pleased with the look. It does not "pooch" out at the hipline. I followed the pattern directions and did the topstitching on the side seam. I often skip this step when making European or Oxford pants, but thought I'd make my first pair just as directed. I like the detail on this fabric. On a more drapey fabric I would not do the side seam stitching.
I'll do the pattern piece comparison later--too much on my plate today!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Short Vacation to Charleston

DH and I are just home from a quick 8 days to Charleston and Savannah. Great food, good weather, beautiful scenery, and good friends. Perfect trip. We got home on Weds night and I worked Thurs and Fri. Today we'll have DS and his family for dinner. Pretty nice week. Sewing still on the back burner for a little while.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seems Like Nobody's Home...

I have been MIA from the blog---just working and life have taken up my days! I am enjoying my gig as an elementary principal and will finish out the year in the position. I do find tha dental appointments, phys therapy, etc. AFTER work make for some very long days!!!

Cheers to all of you sewists who work, sew, take care of families, volunteer, etc. I have put sewing on the back burner, but am working on some LH basic pleat plants without the pleats. They are cut out, serged edges, and will put together a little at a time as my life permits.

I have been looking at everyone else's creations and am sewing in my mind! There will be time again soon.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Burda Chanel-Type Jacket

Not finished! But the jacket is basically put together and the lining is too. Now I need to put them together! I do have it together enough to fit it on the form I made in October. Seems to be OK fit wise. DH asked why it has taken me so long to make this jacket, and I didn't have a great response other than it's a Burda Style pattern--had to trace and decipher the instructions without any illustrations. I've not made this exact kind of jacket before so I'm a little less confident than when I remake one or make something similar to previous garments. Learning new things is good for the brain, eh?

A work in progress: the fabric is a wool/rayon blend from Melody at Fashionista Fabrics. I have ribbon and braid to put around the sleeves and down the front edges. That will be the finishing touch done by hand so it can be removed if my taste changes...