Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loes Hinse Seminar Outfit

I went to lunch today with 4 of my dearest friends. Here's what I wore: LH Tunic top and European pants with a circle scarf--all made during my Oct seminar days and all fabric from Sharon at Casual Elegance. I rarely have photos of my garments with me in them, so here is a change from the norm. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Stash Project

I am trying to make a small dent in my stash, so here is my first project! I made a wrist wallet using the Embroidery Garden pattern. I walk every day and usually just leave my ID, etc. at home because DH goes along with me and has all that stuff in his wallet. But, sometimes I go alone and have to carry keys, ID, and credit card/money. I rarely walk in pants with pockets, so this can be a problem for me. I had a small wristlet with a strap, but that bothers me and I can't wear the pendant type due to neck issues. (My girlfriend told me we are entering the "rust years" so I guess I will have to learn to deal with this!) The wrist wallet is the perfect answer. The whole thing is made using an embroidery machine as an "in the hoop" project. Even the zipper insertion is SIMPLE and done by the machine! I did use velcro as a closure rather than snaps as used in the pattern.

Here is a photo of the finished project. I used some quilt scraps from my mom's stash. I took a few things when we cleaned out her sewing stuff. My sister wanted her machine and serger and I took some of the fabrics cause I didn't need ANOTHER machine. LOL. Mom would love that her fabric is being used.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ready to Wrap

Here is the little t shirt for DGD with her skirt. Add a pair of black tights and her fancy shoes, and she is ready to go! Fun, easy sewing for a little girl.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Loes Hinse and Kwik Sew

Finally finished up a couple of projects and have one cut out and ready to go. I also took my trusty Bernina 1130 in for servicing on Monday and will pick her up today! Maybe not the best timing, but I thought it was time.

First is the Loes Hinse tunic top, shorter version, made in a small. This is similar to one I saw in her boutique--knit fabric for the body and lace for the sleeves. I could not find the beautiful lace fabric she had used but this is an OK copy. The sweater knit is from Sharon at Casual Elegance and the lace from Gorgeous
Next is a KS pattern I used to made DGD a skirt and have cut out a copy cat top. The skirt is from a remnant of the boot skirt I finished at the LH seminar in Oct. I used the KS pattern exactly as the directions indicated until it came to the waistband elastic. I used a piece of button hole elastic, made a button hole in the back skirt piece at the edge of the turn over and inserted the elastic. Instead of sewing it at both side seams before stitching down the back casing, I stitched it on one side and pulled it through the button hole on the other side. Sew on a button and voila--we're done and DGD can adjust the waist.

To go with the above skirt, I cut out a top from the same pattern--but I tapered the sleeves to a more conventional shape. I did not think the lace would drape in the bell shape. So, as soon as I finish up this top, we will have similar outfits! We won't ever wear them at the same time, so I thought it was sort of fun.

The flannel in the background of the photos is next up for jammies. I might finish them before the big day, or I might not. We'll see how other responsibilities consume my time in the ensuing days!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Waylaid...but getting back on track...

Sometimes life just kind of infringes upon my sewing...been in CA to see my dad, check on our condo, volunteer at the Aquarium, visit old friends, etc. ALL good things, but not sewing related. I did make a little skirt for my DGD and have a dressy t shirt cut out to sew up when I put cream colored thread on the serger! I cut a shirt for me and one for her--so sewing should be easy and sort of assembly line style.

Second, I think I am going to give myself the challenge of sewing up some of the stash! I have always enjoyed collecting, but now the extent of the collection has sort of exceeded my level of enjoyment. So, I will be making some things for the kids and some from me, but all from the stash for the next month or two.

We'll see if I can really do this!

Happy Holidays--I know Chanukah begins tomorrow, and Kwanza will soon be here. My family celebrates Christmas and that is coming too soon! I'll be back before the 25th with some photos to show some progress...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have this blog because I want to document the sewing I've done--first for myself, but also for the others who read and look at the photos. I just want to say THANK YOU for the kind comments you leave--makes the world of difference some days to see that someone else has looked at the garments and shared a kind word. Thanks to all of you!

I hope each reader has a special day tomorrow--whether celebrants of the holiday here in the US or readers who live elsewhere and just need a good day! Enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ottobre "Neat Beat" Pants

I finished the pants to go with the previous entry's tunic. These are the Neat Beat pants from Ottobre 6/2009. I had the stretch nowale cord in my stash and like the way they turned out.

You can see the back has elastic in a casing while the front have a nice flat yoke. I think they coordinate well with the tunic and will fit my DGD pretty well! I did cut off the pants at the bottom by 1.5 inches and did not add any other for a hem to begin with. I took a hem of about 1.5 inches so they should be fine for her. We went shopping today and everything she looked at was too long. Family curse!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ottobre Woodstock Tunic

Here is the tunic I cut out last weekend...seems things are pretty slow around here! The fabric is from a group of half yard pieces I bought on etsy--not sure the design or the seller, as it has been aging in the stash for a while. Due to the aging process, the grand daughter has grown...I had to do a little cheating in making the fabric fit the pattern. The polka dot piece at the bottom of the front and back pieces was a small change I made to make the fabric stretch! The pants I'm making are out of stretch no wale corduroy in a chocolate brown. This is a size 122 and the pants that will coordinate with it are about half done. I like the bright colors that still have a fall/winter feel. This pair of garments appealed to me because they are described as slim fit, and DGD is pretty slim--not skinny, but always needs to have the buttonhole elastic pulled tight in RTW garments.
I think I am going to put this in the pile of things headed for Christmas gifts--after I finish the coordinating "neat beat" pants, I think I will make a few pairs of PJs for the kids for Christmas too.
I hope to get a photo in the morning and then I'll publish this post!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little Girl's Apron

I had a fun Saturday with my DGD--she spent the night, we went to a UNLV basketball game, our team won, and we played in my sewing studio. Part of the time she watched TV, played with legos, and chose designs and threads to stitch out on my embroidery machine. I chose some stash fabric that has been around for years--very lightweight seersucker that I really didn't care about. When we had stitched out quite a few samples from the built in designs, she decided she'd like an apron from the designs. Yikes! I had just cut up little scraps to put on the Hoop It All frame with sticky paper! No apron that day. But I later looked at my stash of patterns and found this pattern that I had purchased at least a year ago. I took the scraps we'd embroidered and made the reversible apron, using the scraps to embelish the pocket on the red print side and a larger piece as the pocket on the white seersucker side.

This is an easy pattern and comes with sizes for dolls, girls, and women. I think I may make her mom one too, but out of nicer fabric with more tasteful designs. I like the construction for this reversible apron--pretty easy and allows for some choices in fabric selection. I'm thinking a Christmas print on one side and a coordinating solid on the other. I MUST have something in the fabric stash that would be suitable :>)

I know that my DGD will love her apron, however, with the mementos of a sewing afternoon with Grandma. Can't ask for much more than that--for her or me! I do still have two Ottobre garments cut out and partially constructed for same DGD. These will be completed over the next day or so.

Monday, November 9, 2009

What's on the Cutting Table...

In keeping with the blog's title, "stuff" for my DGD for Christmas. I love Ottobre patterns for kids, and I've selected a few to make for the holiday. We went to CA for the weekend, had a doctor's appt today with the orthopaedic surgeon to follow up with my knee and went by to visit my the car on the way home I purused several magazines and chose some styles to trace. I have lots of things I can make for me, but I don't really need anything right now. Making things for the kids is fun, and the time is short when they'll wear what I make!

Specific styles to come soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loes Hinse Seminar #2

Back from the walk, some grocery shopping, etc. so I will finish posting the photos of the items I finished from the sewing seminar. I have one ivory/white boucle short jacket that I LOVE that needs some hand work and buttons/button holes. I will save it for another post.

Here is a Biarritz jacket made from LA garment district (Maybe Michael Levine?) wool blend with a collar from some fabric I bought from Sharon. The button embellishment came from Findings, a wonderful little shop in Carmel. The owner carries some fabric, but mostly trims, buttons, fastenings, etc. Wonderful findings! I had some fabric left so I made a perfect Tee from it too. EASY and I love the fit. It is dressier than a plain old t shirt, but it fits and feels the same! In the photo with the t shirt is a boot skirt made in the long version out of a fabric I bought last year from Sharon. I had made the skirt save the waist treatment and could not remember exactly what to do--turns out nothing special! I used 1 inch black elastic sewn in a circle, quartered it, sewed it to the top of the wrong side of the skirt. Then I turned it under and stitched it down with a zig zag stitch. Ready for some gala event now!

Finally, I made a Biarritz Zipper jacket/sweater from some black sweater knit I bought from Sharon (maybe last year or maybe online--see the URL below)

You can also buy the pamphlet to change the neckline of the Biarritz jacket to accommodate the zipper. One cute feature of this is that the zipper is inserted upside down. I really like the results of this project. It will make a great travel garment, and even looks pretty cute with the long skirt. Lots of mix and match options here.

I almost forgot the v neck tunic I made from a light sweater knit from Sharon. I had not made this before and was very pleased with the fit and the final garment. In spite of some discussion on an internet site, I do not find the neckline especially low. I could wear a t shirt under it, however, for warmth this winter.

I have a couple other garments I want to make, but I think I'll finish the boucle jacket then get started on some things for DGD for Christmas.

Loes Hinse Seminar Garments

Here's a quick review of some of the things I made at the seminar in Carmel last month. What a fun four days! Loes shares all of her expertise and her "tweaks" of new and well known patterns. The opportunity to purchase fabrics selected by Loes and sold by Sharon is one of the real advantages of attending a seminar besides the help, advice, and critique of Loes and the other sewists.

This first jacket is the newest of Loes's creations, a pattern in progress. It is called the Paris jacket and is a seamed princess construction. Close fitting and high hip length. This will illustrate the new trend in her boutique garments to be more fitted, femenine, and focusing on black and white with one accent color. This garment does not close in front. IF a closing is desired, it would be done with a crocheted loop and one button bringing the two center fronts together, but not overlapping. I love this jacket! It is light and easy to put on to dress up even a tee shirt and jeans! I know I will get a lot of wear from it.

These next two are TNT patterns for me--European pants and a Perfect T shirt. I love the fabrics I was able to get from Sharon. The T is an onion skin that looks reall sheer hanging on the back fence, but it is really quite modest and goes with every pair of pants I own! The second photo shows the the T with a tube scarf I made per Loes's instructions. I love it!!!

These garments will get a lot of wear as travel pieces! I am going to close this blog entry as I am on my way out for my daily walk. I'll post more photos when I get home. I made 2 more jackets, finished a "ball gown" skirt, a v neck tunic, and made another Perfect Tee. Lots of sewing and fun!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Home from Carmel

Here is a photo of me showing Loes's new jacket in progress--it is currently called the Paris jacket. This is a great little fitted jacket made with princess seaming. I made one and will show it later.
I had a great time, made quite a few garments, and bought some fabrics I can't find in my neighborhood. Also had a great time with the other sewing ladies--all motivated and hard working! Several made long sweater coats from faux fur--stunning. Also transferred this to a fleece fabric with equal success. Really stylish on these ladies. Dresses and skirts are reappearing in Loes's boutique and with several "tweaks" to the patterns, these were equally elegant and I may even try out some of these patterns!
We are babysitting the grands this weekend so my sewing will be delayed for a while. I also want to make Loes's Biarritz Zipper jacket while the details are relatively fresh in my mind. I made 3 jackets at the seminar, so I'm not sure that I "need" another one, but that isn't really a determining factor for me anyway!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Christine Jonson Bound Neckline Tee

This long sleeved t shirt is from the Christine Jonson Travel Trio One pattern. It is called the "banded neck tee" and I can see many more in my future. It went together with no problems whatsoever. I made a small as is from the envelope. AND, I am pleased with the style and the fit. I even rethreaded my Evolve serger to try out the cover stitch. I have had this machine for 10 years and only used the CS once or twice. How silly--it was really easy and the results were worth it.

The fabric is some I bought from a coop several years ago. It is a beefy cotton interlock print.

I'm wearing it with some favorite Chicos jeans--made from a RPL fabric that washes and wears like a dream.

I am now trying to get my stuff together for a week in Carmel, CA. We are going so that DH can photograph Big Sur, Point Lobos, etc. and I can attend a Loes Hinse sewing seminar. That's a win-win trip for a retired couple!!! I have my box of patterns, machines, notions tackle box, etc. ready. I'm going to take some fabrics from my stash, but Sharon from Casual Elegance will undoubtedly have some lovelies to tease me! I know we are going to make some sort of chenile jacket--spoke briefly with Loes when I paid my final installment and she was excited about this new style/treatment/tweak. I enjoy the new ideas, seeing her garments in her boutique for inspiration, and hanging out with other sewists! It is also nice to come home with some coordinated pieces ready to wear.

My only challenge will be the car ride. My knee is on the road to recovery, allowing me to do my daily walks without much pain and/or swelling the past few days. However, my last relapse happened when we went to Colorado and I sat in the car for 13+ hours one day. Ugh. We'll have to stop, stroll, and relax along the way this time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Weekend of Sewing Information

We went to Long Beach, CA for the ETA Seminar--how fun! I made a dressform in a Jan Bones workshop on Friday and that was a real learning experience! Being wrapped in wet paper tape to get a form that really IS my size was a trying but worthwhile experience. Saturday and Sunday I attended lots of sessions with wonderful, sharing presenters like Lila Messinger, Cynthia Guffey, Peggy Sagers, etc. Entertaining, informational, and fun! It was a great three days. Only drawback for me was that my knee had a tough time with all of the sitting. I do OK with walking, not so well with sitting or standing. It will improve with time!

Now we are back home and I need to get my ideas into projects and then made! It seems like we have been on the move more than at home. That's not a bad thing, we enjoy travel. We have one more trip planned to a Loes Hinse sewing seminar for me and days of unscheduled photo shoots of DH. Not a bad way for either of us to spend our retirement days :>)

I will get some things made and photos posted this week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally Photos!

Herre are some of the things I've made over the past month...some Loes Hinse Hepburn Pants--not sure I love these, but the poskets are pretty slick and I might use that feature on other pants--like maybe the Oxfords. We;ll see. The black wool blend check has been maturing in my sewing studio and I'm not sure of the source--maybe Fabric Mart? They are OK and I will wear them. I do send thanks and Kudos to Shannon for her tutorial on inserting the zipper and elastic. Love the pictures!

Next are two pairs of pants made from the same Burda July 2009 pattern--made these earlier in the summer in a khaki cotton fabric and love the fit. These are both from wool from Melody at Fashionista Fabrics and fabulous quality wools. I love both of them! The whole thing started because I saw the orange sweater in a shop window--had to have the sweater and made the brown pants to go with. Made the blue pinstripe to go with the LH perfect tee made from by-the-pound knit from Michael Levines in LA.

Sorry about the sideways views--you can tell when I have taken my own photos!

Now I'm caught up with photos except for one more perfect tee. Not sure what is next on the cutting table. Piles of fabric, but no decisions made!

Saturday, September 26, 2009 photos yet...

I made 2 Loes Hinse perfect t's last week and a pair of brown wool pants from the July 2009 Burda. but no photos yet. It all started when I saw an orange sweater in a store window one morning during my exercise walk at the mall. Eventually, I went back and bought the sweater and made some slacks and a t shirt to wear with them. I'll take photos soon.

We are in a resort town in the Rockies and when we were walking home from a delicious meal, we noticed both people and elk on the local golf course. So, we hurried back to the hotel, got the car, the dog, and DH's camera equiptment and headed off after the elk. DH got some fabulous photos of the bull elk and his magnificent set of antlers--even a shot or two of the bull bugling to keep his cows in line. Very interesting.

I love to see and learn new things! I'm learning my new little travel sewing machine too. I made buttonholes this afternoon and was very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It is a lightweight Janome and I have never owned this brand. Not that different from my others, just a few things to learn! I want to use it to take to classes or when we travel, so I need to be adept at its operation so I can enjoy the process and not worry about how the machine works. DH is attending a photo seminar here and will be occupied during the day. I will do a little sewing and a little sight seeing while he is busy. Good combination!

Photos will be along soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick Photo--Vogue DVF Wrap Dress

Tonight is our anniversary and we are headed out to see Jersey Boys at the Palazzo. Quick photo of the dress I made this summer--haven't worn it yet so this is a first!
I got this fabric at the Michael Levine Loft store in downtown LA. It is one of those places where you pay by the pound. I got 3 pieces of different fabrics for $6--I will show all 3 items I made one of these days! A dress, a scarf, and a t shirt. Not bad! Sort of a fun day and I wanted to try this pattern. I bought the necklace and bracelet at Francesca's on 2nd St in Belmont Shore. Bigger purchase than the fabrics. LOL
Hard to believe we have been married 41 years today! Yikes!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finally Photos--2 Burda vests and LH Oxford Pants

I have been doing some sewing, or finishing of some sewing projects. The vest at left I made right after I made the khaki one, but it needed buttons and button holes and I just put off doing those steps! It is from the 1/2009 issue of Burda magazine. I like the fabric--bought from Casual Elegance (Sharon) during a Loes Hinse seminar.

The second vest is from a downloaded pattern at It is currently one of the top 5 downloads, so easy to find. This was a muslin made from o remnant of fabric left when I made a pair of Loes Hinse Oxford pants. I really wiggled the pieces around on the fabric to get it all out of the piece I had to work with. No welt pockets, just didn't have enough to play with. I am pleased with the final garment and will wear it with the Oxfords and with other black or olive solid pants. Finally, I got a photo of the Oxford pants I made earlier in the summer. It has been too warm to wear any of these pieces, but fall will come along soon. Even in the desert!
We are home and mostly unpacked. I am going for physical therapy next week and hope to get full use of the knee soon. I am back to walking 4-5 miles a day and have regained most of my range of motion. Still have a little swelling and bruising, but that will dissipate with time.

I got a new sewing/embroidery machine at the Long Beach Quilt Show and have to rearrange the sewing room to accomodate the new goodies. That will take a little time, but I have made some progress already.

Not sure what my next project will be--I delivered the outfits to my DGD for her 7th birthday. She has more clothes than a little girl needs, but they are fun to make and buy! I raised two sons so having DGDs is a treat for me. I have 3 DGS's as well, so plenty of both boys and girls. That's about it for now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Burda Kids Fashion and Burda WOF May 2009

Do you keep older Burda issues or are you quick to purge your copies if they do not immediately appeal to your current taste? I tend to keep mine--but then I haven't bought many Big 4 patterns since I started collecting my magazines. Well, I do still buy, but not just to have a source of inspiration and style details like I used to.

I made a jumper for my soon-to-be seven year old DGD. I saw a cute jumper at a nice children's chain and thought "I can make that!" and started searching through my Ottobre collection for a suitable pattern. I found lots of OK ones, but just not what I had in my mind. Then I got out the kids' issues of Burda I have had since my older DGD (now 13) was a baby. Voila! Found a simple jumper in this issue and made the corduroy jumper below from the pattern. This is style #604 (a pinafore dress) made in a size 122. When shopping at my local H & M for a coordinating long sleeve t shirt, I found a two pack of pink shirts. What to make to go with the darker pink shirt?

I had purchased this piece of corduroy hoping it would match the piece above--wrong color. The yard piece was just the right amount for skirt #138 from the May Burda WOF. This is an easy skirt with an invisible zip in back and a waist treatment created by pleating the top and stitching down the pleats--no waistband. I did make a casing on the inside to accommodate some buttonhole elastic. DGD is pretty slim and I'd like the skirt to stay up! LOL The ribbon belt does not look like a good match in this photo, but it is in real life!
I know DGD has several pairs of pink (light and dark) leggings to wear with these outfits when the weather gets colder.
I finished up this skirt in spurts--still sitting around most of the day wih my leg elevated. I thought I felt good yesterday and may have overdone it a bit.
My next project is on the cutting table--a vest I bought and downloaded from Burda Style. It is one the top 5 downloads and just a classic longer vest. This is cut out of a remnant of some wool blend fabric I got at Michael Levine's--made a pair of Loes Hinse Oxford pants and had a piece left over. I guess I forgot to have DH photograph those pants...oh well!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the Mend

No sewing--I had outpatient surgery on my right knee on Friday to correct a torn medial meniscus. I am doing well and hope to be up and running (well, walking) in a few days. I did download a vest and want to get it put together and ready to cut out. First things first with the knee, then I'll be ready to tackle the sewing projects!

Be back soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Slight Detour--Life Issues!

I have been doing a little sewing, but more visiting of my dad in the hospital, back at his care facility, checking on details for his care, etc. Also, seems I did some damage to my knee while playing at Disneyland with my grands. Monday will reveal the results of the MRI--always something!

I'll be back!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally Photos! Burda Top

Well, the grand kids went home and we finally put things back where we usually keep them. DH took a photo of the #108 Burda top from July 2009. It is OK--I always like these designs in the magazine and then not so much on me. I think I'll wear it with black pants or capris and a cami.

I also bought DGD some sale stuff at the Children's Place--they had these green shorts for a really cheap price, but no top that really went with them. So--I bought a white shirt and an extra pair of shorts. Cut up the extra shorts and got a couple of strips to make an embellishment around the neckline. I cut off the little heart and made a patch for the shirt. Still very thrifty and I think it's a cute outfit! I have more fabric left and may do something on some longer pants for when the weather begins to get cooler.

I am currently working on Vogue 8379, the DVF wrap dress in some fabric I bought at the Michael Levine Loft store. Will post more on that later.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Burda 7/2009 Style 108

Is done--waiting for photos! I'm not sure this top is "me" but I finished it and think I will enjoy it as I wear it.

My grandkids (younger set) and their parents are coming for a few days--a visit to see THE Mouse and a day at the beach, a picnic with family, etc. should keep us all busy and exhausted!

I got a new toy at the LB Quilt Show--a great toy, and I'll share more later.

Photo to follow!

See you soon~


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Beach Quilt Show

I am off to the Long Beach Quilt Show for the evening session--I am hoping to get some ideas and some STUFF. I am not much of a quilter, but that does not mean that I don't enjoy looking at fabrics, tools, notions, machines, etc. Some techniques are also appropriate to transfer to garment sewing.

I'm off!

I did cut out a top brom the Burda 7/2009 magazine and hope to sew tonight after my first peek at the show!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Burda 1/2009 and 7/2009 Vest and Pants

Two more items finished! DH took the photos, so will have to wait to post until he sends me the pictures. (obviously he came through!) The vest is style #124 from the January 2009 BWOF. I made a size 40 with no adjustments. I might need to make a "39" in the future, but this is OK! The fabric is from my bundle from Michael's Fabrics this spring. It is a twill blend--might have some silk? Nice hand and easy to work with. The lining is something from JoAnns. The pants are style #102 from the July 2009 issue of BWOF--also a size 40 with no alterations. The pants are not lined, per the directions. I think I will use this pattern again but will do a slight "butt scoop" to make the seat fit a little better. All in all, I am pleased with these two pieces. I want to wear a belt over the vest--maybe with a white shirt and black slacks? I made both garments together but not necessarily to wear together. DH took the photo on the balcony of our condo--I love the tropical feel of the grounds here!

We are going to go up to Santa Monica this afternoon--I want to go to the Zara store to examine some of their jackets. I have the Vogue 7579 pattern ready to cut out and am contemplating using some of the construction techniques used in the Zara garments. Lyndsey T made the jacket using the pattern directions but also mentioned on her blog that the Zara construction technique would still make a nice jacket and would save lots of time and work. I looked at every Zara store we passed in Spain, but didn't really focus on the jacket construction then.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jalie Jeans Take Two

Here are the photos of the new jeans made with the fabric requested in the pattern directions. MUCH improved. I made them a larger size and initially had larger side seams. Not needed. When I was putting the pattern directions away I glanced at them again to see that the pattern has 3/8" seam allowances and I used 5/8" seam allowances. I still like the fit and will make them out of some good stretch denim. I bought this piece at a small local fabric/tailor/misc shop and it came out of a cardboard box filled with pieces of fabric. I washed it before cutting, but it still has some folds, creases, marks, etc. on it. I hate the back pockets, but they can be replaced if I ever feel the need. Anyway, it is a great pattern and I will make it again.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Patrones Ninos Dress

Better news! Here is a first try of a dress for DGD from the Patrones Ninos magazine I bought in Barcelona in May. I traced a size 7--that means eye balling between the lines for a 6 and an 8--and used a cotton/lycra knit I bought from Sara's fabric coop this spring. VERY nice fabric and I think the dress will be cute for my DGD. It does look different from the original since this is a floral print and the Benneton knock off is the traditional stripe. I may try a stripe later. I used the tutorial Dawn ( posted on sewing the placket opening. I ended up recreating the facing piece and discarding the pieces from Patrones. In the end, I was pleased. I also used my embroidery machine to do the buttonholes cuz my Bernina was just not playing nice to do buttonholes yesterday! Thank goodness for the kind sharing of tutorials on the internet! My Vogue sewing book does not even address the issue. We are at our condo and most of my sewing library is at home, so the Vogue book did not prove to be sufficient!!! I need to bring my RD book here.

This is a photo of the dress and one of the magazine version. I hope DGD likes it! I am going to make solid pink leggings and shorts for her to wear under the dress for school. She likes to PLAY at recess!

Jalie Jeans Round One

Well, I should have read the reviews on PR--I thought there was enough give in this fabric to make my size as indicated by my measurements on the pattern. LOL Even when I used to lie down on my bed to zip my jeans, they weren't this tight!!! So--first try is a dud. Here's a photo of how far I got--and you can see that I let the seams out as far as they would go--then they just looked like sausage casings on my legs. Drat--I liked this fabric. It was not expensive, just a different color for me :>) So, I am now making them from a stretch denim I got at Modern Fabrics in Long Beach. I can already tell the results will be better! Traced a larger size, much more stretch in the fabric, and I added 1 inch seam allowances to the side seams just in case. Will
post more when that version is finished :>)