Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Burda Kids Fashion and Burda WOF May 2009

Do you keep older Burda issues or are you quick to purge your copies if they do not immediately appeal to your current taste? I tend to keep mine--but then I haven't bought many Big 4 patterns since I started collecting my magazines. Well, I do still buy, but not just to have a source of inspiration and style details like I used to.

I made a jumper for my soon-to-be seven year old DGD. I saw a cute jumper at a nice children's chain and thought "I can make that!" and started searching through my Ottobre collection for a suitable pattern. I found lots of OK ones, but just not what I had in my mind. Then I got out the kids' issues of Burda I have had since my older DGD (now 13) was a baby. Voila! Found a simple jumper in this issue and made the corduroy jumper below from the pattern. This is style #604 (a pinafore dress) made in a size 122. When shopping at my local H & M for a coordinating long sleeve t shirt, I found a two pack of pink shirts. What to make to go with the darker pink shirt?

I had purchased this piece of corduroy hoping it would match the piece above--wrong color. The yard piece was just the right amount for skirt #138 from the May Burda WOF. This is an easy skirt with an invisible zip in back and a waist treatment created by pleating the top and stitching down the pleats--no waistband. I did make a casing on the inside to accommodate some buttonhole elastic. DGD is pretty slim and I'd like the skirt to stay up! LOL The ribbon belt does not look like a good match in this photo, but it is in real life!
I know DGD has several pairs of pink (light and dark) leggings to wear with these outfits when the weather gets colder.
I finished up this skirt in spurts--still sitting around most of the day wih my leg elevated. I thought I felt good yesterday and may have overdone it a bit.
My next project is on the cutting table--a vest I bought and downloaded from Burda Style. It is one the top 5 downloads and just a classic longer vest. This is cut out of a remnant of some wool blend fabric I got at Michael Levine's--made a pair of Loes Hinse Oxford pants and had a piece left over. I guess I forgot to have DH photograph those pants...oh well!


Uta said...

Cute dress and skirt. I love corduroy for fall! And I ought to look for my two Burda Kids' Fashion issues - there may be some treasures in there. Thanks for the reminder!

Lori said...

Great job on the sewing, the corduroy is wonderful.

Summerset said...

These are super cute! A vest is on my list to make for fall, too.

gwensews said...

Very sweet dress and skirt. It must be fun to sew for little ones. I did it, many years ago and enjoyed it.

1st said...

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