Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally Photos! Burda Top

Well, the grand kids went home and we finally put things back where we usually keep them. DH took a photo of the #108 Burda top from July 2009. It is OK--I always like these designs in the magazine and then not so much on me. I think I'll wear it with black pants or capris and a cami.

I also bought DGD some sale stuff at the Children's Place--they had these green shorts for a really cheap price, but no top that really went with them. So--I bought a white shirt and an extra pair of shorts. Cut up the extra shorts and got a couple of strips to make an embellishment around the neckline. I cut off the little heart and made a patch for the shirt. Still very thrifty and I think it's a cute outfit! I have more fabric left and may do something on some longer pants for when the weather begins to get cooler.

I am currently working on Vogue 8379, the DVF wrap dress in some fabric I bought at the Michael Levine Loft store. Will post more on that later.

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AllisonC said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes this top does make up rather large doesn't it. But you look quite petite so it looks fine on you, I looked like a big white marshmallow in mine!