Sunday, September 4, 2016

I'm sewing! But first, one more machine knit item...

This project is a cardigan made to fit my measurements.  The design was created using Design A Knit software.  It is the closest I have come to making a "fitted" garment on my Brother knitting machine.b 
I need to work on buttonholes...mine are awful but improving slightly! Not he yarn is from Newtons Yarn Country in Anaheim. I'm finally enjoying this hobby!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Machine Knit Vest and Loes Hinse Ascona Pants

I have been working on knitting for a little over two years.  My focus has been more on skill development and understanding the mechanics of the mavhines.  However, this summer I have made two cardigans and this vest for myself.  I made the vest from a pattern by Helen Koshak of Newton's Yarn Country.  The yarn is wool Ray and was knit on my Brother KH836e machine.  I'm pleased with the vest and hope to get to wear it through the fall.  Pants are stretch gab from Heddy's in Las Vegas and my TNT Ascona pattern.  I hope to make another vest before we pack up the machines.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

And Another Loes Post.

I thought I'd share some of the colors and textures featured at Loes Hinse's boutique in Carmel...I am not sure I like the wider leg pant on ME...or maybe I need to choose a top that is shorter and/or closer fitting.  I do like these colors and textures, however!  Final photo is the same top as the one above it.  The tan one is the pattern as designed. The V Neck Shirt.  The striped one has squared side seams and a boat neck.  I'm wearing stripes with RTW leggings.  I like this look better on me...maybe I will adjust back to wider leg pants in time!

A Little Loes

I can't seem to keep up with day to day life, let alone blog entries!  Here are a couple of new ideas, but not the best photos!  This is a new seminar top pattern.  Raglan sleeves and a neckband for the finish at the neckline.  It is being worn over a tank/camisole of the same fabric and kind of bunched up.  Note to self that it doesn't need the layered garments.
The tank is the one from the tank dress pattern.  Loes suggested making a size larger and adding @4" to the length.  I like these changes.  I also did the double serge hem, making it a bit longer yet.
This top is a Bianca with a modified boat neck.  Made in medium rather than my usual size and a couple of inches added in length.  I like it!  BUT. The sleeves are too long for my taste.  Just not comfortable for me.  It will be a easy fix to cut off an inch or so.  Like most of Loes's designs, this is a comfortable outfit but a little less casual than jeans and t shirt.  Pants are Ascona.  I have a few more items made but not photographed.

I'm anxious to see the new The Look for more ideas!  Must remember to send in deposit for another seminar!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Loes Hinse Seminar March 2016

I have not been sewing for months, but I was anxious to attend the seminar in Carmel last week.  It was excellent!  Before doing any sewing, we first met at Loes's boutique in Carmel to discuss new trends and to try on new looks.  Here are a few of the looks I tried on...
I also included this photo of Loes wearing the current look of her garments.  The pants are all Harpo, a seminar only pant pattern.  I'm wearing a peach colored tank top and a variety of over garments.  The long sweater is a LH pattern and the two short jackets are new at seminar.  Layers are definitely the current look.  Loes's light colored top is a Bianca cut much shorter and it fits just below the waist.  I think she said it is 12" from armscye to hem. The Irish for hems is a double serge, not turned hem.  Very fresh, very flattering!  The most significant news is how valuable The Look (electronic newsletter) will be in the future.  New patterns of a commercial nature are NOT on the horizon.  Rather, Loes will share new ideas and sewing tweaks via The Look.

I am not an employee, NAYY etc.  I enjoy sewing these clothes and wearing them.  I also enjoy the seminar experience and will definitely return.  Next blog post will include the garments I made during my stay in Carmel.  You will notice that traditional jackets are not currently being shown.  The soft look has become more popular!  More to follow soon!