Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Caved

Well, I hope to be a weekend and evening sewist--I caved and am staying on as AP at this lovely little school. I will take a week each month to go see my dad and will wind this up the end of April so we can prepare for our travels. The first week was fun and not nearly as stressful as being the "real" principal was. Also, an elementary school is definitely more low key than a middle school. 6oo kids vs 1600 kids. Thirty teachers vs over a hundred teachers.

I do have two blouses ready to cut out this weekend and hope to post some photos tomorrow :>)!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am trying to read about sewing as I don't seem to have time this week! I am having fun subbing as the principal at a local elementary school. Wonderful kids, fabulous teachers, a fun gig for a while! I was asked to stay for the rest of the school year, but that is NOT the commitment I made to start! DH and I are going to Spain and Portugal in May and we need to be able to go see my dad once a month, so I doubt that anyone wants me in a long term assignment. Nor do I really want to be in one :>)

I have several Burda patterns traced and some fabric washed and prepped. Maybe this weekend I will get in some sewing.

I need to share photos of my yarn too.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My laptop screen died--second time this year (yep--since January, that is)! So, it is at the computer hospital and I am back home with my trusty desktop. Oh yeah, it has a new hard drive that was replaced in January as well. Bad computer karma.

We had a great time in CA--got to visit my dad, volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific, go to Disneyland and run a few errands related to condo maintenance. I made a blouse and traced a bunch of Burda patterns since I couldn't spend my time in the black hole of the computer.

Now I'm kind of booked for the next week with a sub job and some relatives visiting from out of town. Happy Sewing to everyone!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not Sewing...

DH and I are in CA at our condo--checking in with my dad and making sure all is well here. I am also going to be doing a sub job as an elementary principal next week, so I'm just relaxing! I brought some patterns and may do some tracing. We'll head home on Saturday morning so we can go to the UNLV/BYU bball game. Go Rebels!

I also bought some yarn and a pattern to knit an easy sweater. I can do some knitting in the car and can pick it up and knit without making a big mess like I do when I sew.

I'll get DH to take a photo of the yarn--it's a really pretty verigated blend of rust, teal, tan, and something. I hope I'm up to doing this!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Burda Feb 2009--T Shirt 108

Watch out for the camera glare--I am not the family photographer and don't know how to do the mirror photo, obviously! But, you can get the idea of the shirt. I like the fit and will try to take another photo of just the shirt. DH has gone out for a nature photo shoot today with the snow on the red rocks west of town. It is a beautiful day!

A shirt for me! It fits, it is cute, I love it! I made the boatneck t shirt from the Feb 2009 Burda World of Fashion magazine. The fabric is from Melody at Fashionista Fabrics--it just called my name! Most of my life I had auburn hair and the fall colors definitely favored my own coloring. But usually I wear dark colors and this print is kind of wild but will look good with brown pants or jeans. There are many reviews on PR and most people are very pleased with the pattern. Me too!

Monday, February 9, 2009

...and a shirt!

Here is the t shirt to coordinate with the skirt from the last post. This is ottobre 301 in a size 116. I lengthened the hem and the sleeves as the last one I made for DGD seemed a little short to me. Hope she likes it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally, a skirt!

I made DGD a skirt for Valentine's Day. It is an Ottobre pattern from the most recent issue. The fabrics, ribblons, laces, etc. are all from my stash. I made a corduroy jeans jacket from the black cord, the black and white print came from my mother's stash when she passed away. The ribbons and laces I have had in a big box for years. Fun project, everything went together easily, and I think DGD will enjoy wearing it! Success!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wadder--Try Again

I finished the pants up to the waistband, tried them on, and decided the fabric is a bad match for the pattern. Oh well. Far too drapey for a more tailored style. So, I'll search up another fabric and try again. The fit is OK, so size must be close to mine. I am going to make something quick for my DGD for instant gratification :>)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boring Stuff

I've been doing some sewing, but it is just boring stuff. I washed a favorite pair of pants that I realized should not have been washed. I need to read those pesky little tags that say "Dry Clean Only." Anyway, I figured out that they only shrunk lengthwise--so I let out the hems and put in a very small hem, and Voila! I can wear my black linen/wool/lycra pants again! In fact, I figure I CAN wash them now! I'll wash them in cold and only partially dry them in the dryer. Rescue sewing.

I am about half way done with a pair of pants from Burda 7706. I rarely buy Burda envelope patterns, but this is a petite and I am hoping it might become a TNT pants pattern I can morph into others using details I find elsewhere.

We are currently waiting while our new dishwasher is being installed. Yippee! We moved into this house 16 years ago and did not upgrade any appliances, etc. Had two boys in college and law school and we were just glad we could do the mortgage, etc. and loved the new home and location. Fast forward--house is paid for, boys are successful career men, dads, etc., and the crummy LOUD dishwasher we had is now on its way out! I hope this one meets the standards as advertised and we won't have to wait to run it till we are out of the house :>). I'll let you know if it lives up to its reputation!

Back to the Burda pants...