Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boring Stuff

I've been doing some sewing, but it is just boring stuff. I washed a favorite pair of pants that I realized should not have been washed. I need to read those pesky little tags that say "Dry Clean Only." Anyway, I figured out that they only shrunk lengthwise--so I let out the hems and put in a very small hem, and Voila! I can wear my black linen/wool/lycra pants again! In fact, I figure I CAN wash them now! I'll wash them in cold and only partially dry them in the dryer. Rescue sewing.

I am about half way done with a pair of pants from Burda 7706. I rarely buy Burda envelope patterns, but this is a petite and I am hoping it might become a TNT pants pattern I can morph into others using details I find elsewhere.

We are currently waiting while our new dishwasher is being installed. Yippee! We moved into this house 16 years ago and did not upgrade any appliances, etc. Had two boys in college and law school and we were just glad we could do the mortgage, etc. and loved the new home and location. Fast forward--house is paid for, boys are successful career men, dads, etc., and the crummy LOUD dishwasher we had is now on its way out! I hope this one meets the standards as advertised and we won't have to wait to run it till we are out of the house :>). I'll let you know if it lives up to its reputation!

Back to the Burda pants...

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