Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kid Sewing

I just made a little unitard for my DGD who is in 3 different dance classes this year and needs different kinds of clothing for each--ballet, tap, and jazz. So, I got KS pattern and made up one unitard today. IF it fits and meets approval of DDIL and DGD, I can make her another one. One black and one pink.

Will post a photo when I get her to try it on. We are back in LV after spending the summer at our condo at the beach. Nice to be home, but I miss that fabulous climate at the beach!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Burda Jacket 07/08 #112 and Pants--Finally Finished!

Here is the jacket--finally finished! This is Burda WOF 7/2008 style 112. I made the jacket in a size 40 but had to take in most of the vertical seams to more like a 38. The collar gave me fits--I know the directions in the magazine are not correct. I put the whole project away for a couple of weeks until I could really face looking closely at the directions. There is NO collar stand in my version even though the piece was there to use and the directions say to use it. Mine now looks like the photos in the magazine and the result is fine with me! I did notice that I only rolled up one sleeve prior to the photo shoot--but heck, it took forever to get my photo so just imagine both sleeves the same length!

The pants are from an old Burda Petites issue E713. I don't really know what those letters stand for, but it is from a magazine thatBurda used to publish with petite sizes only. These pants are a size 19 flared out to a 20 for the waist. I ended up taking the waist in a bit, so maybe a 19 with smaller seam allowances would work OK!

Both of these pieces are from the same woven fabric as the skirt in the previous post--all can go together for a travel wardrobe. Everything is wash and wear--my original goal! These were supposed to be wearable muslins, but I think they are just the wearable garments!

Overall, I am pleased with the results.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Burda Skirt

I have been sewing garments from a piece of fabric I bought in LA at Michael Levines on my birthday. It is a wool/synthetic/lycra blend suiting and has made nice garments. This skirt is from Burda 03/2006 style #115 in a size 38. However, I had to resew the side seams letting the skirt out a bit as it was tight! Here is my photo--not great, but you get the idea :>) I like the belt made from doubled ribbon and the belt loop details.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Boys in Shirts

Here are the boys in their lion shirts--pretty darn cute from Grandma's point of view! BUT, you can see that DGS #2 needs a longer shirt! He is 2 but almost as tall as his big brother who is 4. I think the fit is OK through the shoulders and body, just needs about 3 inches added to the length of the shirt!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to Sewing!

I am sewing a twinset from a Kwiksew pattern--had a wonderful long weekend with DS#2 and his family--but now it's back to our usual routine. One stop at the grocery store this afternoon then I'm ready to sew!

Back soon with photos--I hope!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Latest Project and Failures...

Here's a photo of the latest blouse I made from my "wearable muslin" purchases. It is OK--not sure I love the style on me. But I'm finding out about sizing and doing some techniques I haven't done in a while. All in all, I'm fine with it! This is a simplicity pattern, size 12. I guess I can't rotate the picture once it's in the blog...sorry! I also have a lovely farmer tan from wearing t shirts when I walk every morning. I try to stay out of the mid-day sun, but I guess I still get some tan.

I'm also working on a jacket #112 from BWOF 7/2008. On that, the fit was awful and I had to take it in a couple of inches. I made a size 40 since the size 38 blouse in previous post is slightly tight in the sleeves. Guess I need a 39! Anyway, I am having a terrible time with the directions and now that I am at the collar stage I put it in a box and will look at it "later" if later ever comes!!! I will, just need some time to reflect and think about how they must want me to put the thing together!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Finished Burda Blouse and Fun Birthday!

I finished the Burda #107 from 6/2008 today--so here's a photo or two!
This is my wearable muslin--think I will make the 40 next time at least for the sleeves.
Today DH and I went to the Los Angeles fabric district and just looked around. I bought a few pieces at Michael Levine, a piece of cute embroidered cotton print for DGD at a street stall, and some nice while lycra/cotton knit for a shirt for me.
The drive was easy from here--we used the GPS system in the car and just programmed our destination. I think I can get DH to take me back when I need a fabric fix even if it isn't my birthday!