Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Latest Project and Failures...

Here's a photo of the latest blouse I made from my "wearable muslin" purchases. It is OK--not sure I love the style on me. But I'm finding out about sizing and doing some techniques I haven't done in a while. All in all, I'm fine with it! This is a simplicity pattern, size 12. I guess I can't rotate the picture once it's in the blog...sorry! I also have a lovely farmer tan from wearing t shirts when I walk every morning. I try to stay out of the mid-day sun, but I guess I still get some tan.

I'm also working on a jacket #112 from BWOF 7/2008. On that, the fit was awful and I had to take it in a couple of inches. I made a size 40 since the size 38 blouse in previous post is slightly tight in the sleeves. Guess I need a 39! Anyway, I am having a terrible time with the directions and now that I am at the collar stage I put it in a box and will look at it "later" if later ever comes!!! I will, just need some time to reflect and think about how they must want me to put the thing together!

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