Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Pictures

Here are the things I made for DGD--I will add the pictures of the pants I made for me later! Thought these were cute little girl items. I think I am going to finish the sleeves on the white shirt--was toying with the idea of leaving them as is, but I like the puff of the pink shirt. DH took these photos in our back yard--it is windy here today!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No photos--Just some thoughts...Later added photos!

I have been doing some sewing while we are out of town. DH is at a photo seminar--"camera camp" our oldest son says. I brought a machine with me and have been walking, sight seeing, and sewing while he is in classes. Very nice balance for both of us!

I love to sew but find that my upper back dictates how much time I can spend at my machine. I made a pair of Burda pants/jeans (Burda WOF but I'll have to find the issue and style number). These pants are a striped stretch denim and I really like them! I had made a muslin a few weeks ago--loved the fit but hated the fabric! It is large floral pink/fuschia combo. But, the fabric content was right for a trial garment. I have been walking every day for almost a year. Plus, I've been watching what I eat and have lost a lot of weight. So I have been experimenting with size and style to find what fits and feels good. I love these pants--must be made from a woven with lycra and they fit well. Now I'm trying to find the perfect size and style for pants patterns. In Burda, I'm debating between shortening the legs on a 38 and using a petite 19. Both seem to fit.

I am still making the life transition from a high stress job (school principal) to retirement. I love being retired but sometimes miss the mental challenge of my previous position. Sewing more difficult items seems to give me some of that intellectual gymnastics! I am not an expert and my skills were dormant during most of my career and parenting days. I did sew for my sons, but not all of their garments and usually something different like ski/snowboard jackets, etc. I love the feel of fabric and could just collect and not sew. In fact, at one point I told DH that I was not a seamstress, rather a collector. I could be happy with that!

I have 2 more garments cut out and ready to sew--a classic white shirt and a pair of black pants. These are Nancy Ericson pants made just like the pattern--pleats and all. I cut out a size 8 and hope that they will be a wearable muslin as well. The white shirt is a Mc Calls pattern--don't have the number handy. I want to improve my finishing skills and would love to custom make a few shirts using David Coffin's book and techniques. DH is also retired and rarely wears dress shirts, but if I made him a NICE one, he might wear it!

We love to travel and I need to rethink my travel wardrobe to be a bit more practical and to fit my current size. We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in Sept. and we are going to Paris and the south of France to celebrate. I was a French teacher in my former life before being a reading specialist and then an adminsitrator. I love Paris! I'm working on a wardrobe with some classic pants and some coordinating shirts and jacket. We'll see if I sew it all or make a few purchases!

Today I made younger DGD a cute Ottobre tiered skirt to go with a "hug" t shirt from Ottobre. I had more trouble with that darn t shirt than I have with anything I've made recently. One was a total wadder! But, the two pieces together look really cute and I think DGD will enjoy having them. I usually make matching knit shorts to wear under skirts--she is an active little girl and is more comfortable with shorts to wear with her dresses and skirts.

Ramble, ramble. Maybe I will get DH to photograph the t shirt, skirt, and my pants to document what I've been doing with some of my spare time on this trip. I have a camera too, but he has the eye and ability to create a better shot. Except for making me screw my face up funny!

That's about it--unless I edit this later to add some photos.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Jacket

Here are two photos of my McCalls 5191 Jeans Jacket--made in pinwale corduroy. The pants are LH European sz sm front and xsm back. Still kinda baggy in the thigh/butt.

The jacket is size 12. I like the way the outfit turned out--not crazy about the look on my face, but DH did me a favor and took the photo :>)

Just finished the jacket (March 8) but made the pants in January.
Now I can't get the photos to load...Hmmm.