Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clever/Lazy Approach to Loes Hinse Oxford Zips

I trace all of my LH patterns--I use them often and like the Sweedish Tracing Paper for most patterns.  I have made many pairs of European Pants and a few less of the Oxford Pants.  My traced patterns are already shortened to fit my leg length, scooped to account for gravity of the posterior, and generally dependable to produce a pair of pants I can wear without alterations.

So--Loes recently gave directions for modifying the Oxford pants to make them from a woven.  Not much change, but a zip front accomodates the need to fit the waist over the hip without have a lot of bulk at the waist.  I have done this in the past to the cruise pant with success.To do the Cruise version, I put the European front pattern over a Cruise pattern and retraced the entire front.  When I was reading The Look publication recently, I had an "ah-hah" moment!  I came up with the following clever/lazy method for altering any LH pant pattern into a zip front!

1.  I traced the top ten (or so) nches of the European Pant front

2.  I got out my previously-traced Oxford pattern

3.  I placed the short piece of the Euro pant pattern on top of the Oxford pant front

I cut out the pattern!  Easy-Peasy!  I did not change the side seam, just the front seam down to the dot on the pattern.  On the cruise pants, I did slightly decrease the width of the front pattern piece, gave it more of a definition to the waist area.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Loes Hinse City Dress/Reno fabric

I made the City Dress this morning--traced it last night and cut it out this morning.  After our morning walk, I sewed it up.  Easy dress and I like the style.  I made it slightly different than the pattern directions, per Loes's idea shared at a seminar.  The skirt is only about 1.5 inches wider than the bodice making more of a column skirt.  The fabric is a rayon twill I bought at the Mill Ends store in Reno last week.  DH thought the fabric was kind of blah--his idea to make the coordinating necklace.  We'd seen one at a store in the mall and he suggested making one to complement the dress I was planning to make.  Unusual for him!  I still need to hem the dress and that probably means I need to cut off some length prior to reserging the bottom edge.

I've been sewing quite a bit of Loes garments lately.  I'll share my tweaked Oxford pants tomorrow (or soon!).  I found a quick and clever (maybe lazy) way to adapt the European zipper finish to the Oxford pattern.  I really prefer the waist finish with the front zipper to the elastic waistband.  I have a perfect tee and a Paris jacket to share as well.

My local sewing friend made about 20 garments prior to a recent road trip.  I can't compete with her, but I am trying to use up some of the stash I continue to accumulate around here!

I am searching for a usable copy of the Portofino Dress and the Trio Skirt patterns.  It doesn't need to be unused, but I need to be able to trace the small size from each of these.  Hard to find!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Fun with the Kids

We are having a fun time with the older grands this week while their parents have a quick escape. Kids are at school and activities most of the time, but they still require transportation, food, money, etc. Great kids! We have enjoyed spending time up here--lovely walking trails and lots of birds and wildflowers along the way.

We went to the Patagonia Outlet today. Beautiful clothing, but I don't really need more outdoor gear. We also went to the Mill End store where I just wanted to look. Dumb idea. I got 3 pieces of rayon for dresses and some lovely brown tencel for pants. I had been searching online for the rayon so I was pleased to find a couple of pieces I really liked. The tencel for pants is very nice weight and so soft. I will take this fabric to the beach for summer sewing in a couple of weeks.

I just can't escape the sewing completely!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ottobre Ruffle Tee

Tee shirt for DGD from scraps of a tee I made for myself!  I used the tee shirt from the most current Ottobre magazine--sorry, don't have it close at hand.  She was pleased with it, and I always enjoy making her things.  EASY shirt--just serged the seams and neckline.  Turned the neckline under 3/8" or so and stitched it.  No hems!  You can tell it was late in the day, but the shirt still looks cute!

Here's the shirt I made for myself.  I cut mine on the bias so the ruffles are a diagonal.  It was a kit to make a tank top from Peggy Sagers--pattern and fabric included.  When it arrived, I realized that I would never wear a tank top, so I made my trusty Loes Hinse Perfect Tee with short sleeves and think it will be a fun summer tee.  Again, serged seams and no hems.  What could be easier?  I did learn a few things--should have cut the pattern piece out as full front and back pieces rather than messing with the fold.  That was not the most successful part of the project, but I think it will be OK!  It is just a fun trendy shirt that won't have to stand the test of time!

I also made a pair of Louise Cutting Discover Something Novel ankle pants from a nice linen.  Love the pattern and the drafting--they went together so well and the directions are marvelous.  The pants on me?  Not so much.  My DGD said, "Grandma, those are some BIG pants!" when I wore them over to her house one day.  So--comfy, soft, well made...maybe OK for wearing at the beach.  Live and learn!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finished project! Loes Hinse Europeans with Button Closure

There had been some mention on Stitchers' Guild/Loes Hinse thread about replacing the hook and eye closure at the front waistband with a button and buttonhole.  Loes has sold this style of pant in her Carmel boutique.  I have made quite a few pairs of this pattern of pants and really like the option of having a button closure.  I made these to go with an inexpensive sweater purchased at The Limited this spring.  I found the fabric at JoAnn on sale, so it was a thrifty outfit.  We went to dinner tonight at a local casino.  You always need a sweater year round here.  It can be cold, or it can be Air Conditioning.  I will enjoy wearing these pants for the summer as well.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Where Am I? Tracing patterns, looking at blogs, etc......

We have been having fun visiting and chauffeuring grand kids the past week or so. Still on duty for a couple more days. I brought some Onion patterns with me and have traced them in my size. I also traced a Louise Cutting vest and pant outfit and even bought some fabric ready to cut and sew when we get home. I also traced a t shirt and some pants from the May 2011 Burda for younger DGD. I went to the local JoAnns and got some cute fabric for these too-- even cut them out.

Sewing? Not so much. I did get out DIL's machine and did a few things. DIL does not sew and is usually more frustrated with this machine than anything. DH cleaned out the bobbin race for me and removed some major thread nests! LOL. I bought the machine for her when she showed some interest in learning to hem pants, etc. It is a simple Brother from their online mall. It worked fine for me after a little adjustment. But, I can see that it is a bit temperamental. I started the pants for DGD but came to a point where she will need to try them on. They have a cute finish with a band at lower leg and will need to be adjusted for length before I attach that. I also need some interfacing and hate to buy more when I have LOTS at home.

I do appreciate the sewing room I have at home, but also see that a simple machine could suffice!

Be back soon with some photos!