Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Fun with the Kids

We are having a fun time with the older grands this week while their parents have a quick escape. Kids are at school and activities most of the time, but they still require transportation, food, money, etc. Great kids! We have enjoyed spending time up here--lovely walking trails and lots of birds and wildflowers along the way.

We went to the Patagonia Outlet today. Beautiful clothing, but I don't really need more outdoor gear. We also went to the Mill End store where I just wanted to look. Dumb idea. I got 3 pieces of rayon for dresses and some lovely brown tencel for pants. I had been searching online for the rayon so I was pleased to find a couple of pieces I really liked. The tencel for pants is very nice weight and so soft. I will take this fabric to the beach for summer sewing in a couple of weeks.

I just can't escape the sewing completely!

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