Friday, May 6, 2011

Where Am I? Tracing patterns, looking at blogs, etc......

We have been having fun visiting and chauffeuring grand kids the past week or so. Still on duty for a couple more days. I brought some Onion patterns with me and have traced them in my size. I also traced a Louise Cutting vest and pant outfit and even bought some fabric ready to cut and sew when we get home. I also traced a t shirt and some pants from the May 2011 Burda for younger DGD. I went to the local JoAnns and got some cute fabric for these too-- even cut them out.

Sewing? Not so much. I did get out DIL's machine and did a few things. DIL does not sew and is usually more frustrated with this machine than anything. DH cleaned out the bobbin race for me and removed some major thread nests! LOL. I bought the machine for her when she showed some interest in learning to hem pants, etc. It is a simple Brother from their online mall. It worked fine for me after a little adjustment. But, I can see that it is a bit temperamental. I started the pants for DGD but came to a point where she will need to try them on. They have a cute finish with a band at lower leg and will need to be adjusted for length before I attach that. I also need some interfacing and hate to buy more when I have LOTS at home.

I do appreciate the sewing room I have at home, but also see that a simple machine could suffice!

Be back soon with some photos!

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