Monday, May 30, 2011

Loes Hinse City Dress/Reno fabric

I made the City Dress this morning--traced it last night and cut it out this morning.  After our morning walk, I sewed it up.  Easy dress and I like the style.  I made it slightly different than the pattern directions, per Loes's idea shared at a seminar.  The skirt is only about 1.5 inches wider than the bodice making more of a column skirt.  The fabric is a rayon twill I bought at the Mill Ends store in Reno last week.  DH thought the fabric was kind of blah--his idea to make the coordinating necklace.  We'd seen one at a store in the mall and he suggested making one to complement the dress I was planning to make.  Unusual for him!  I still need to hem the dress and that probably means I need to cut off some length prior to reserging the bottom edge.

I've been sewing quite a bit of Loes garments lately.  I'll share my tweaked Oxford pants tomorrow (or soon!).  I found a quick and clever (maybe lazy) way to adapt the European zipper finish to the Oxford pattern.  I really prefer the waist finish with the front zipper to the elastic waistband.  I have a perfect tee and a Paris jacket to share as well.

My local sewing friend made about 20 garments prior to a recent road trip.  I can't compete with her, but I am trying to use up some of the stash I continue to accumulate around here!

I am searching for a usable copy of the Portofino Dress and the Trio Skirt patterns.  It doesn't need to be unused, but I need to be able to trace the small size from each of these.  Hard to find!

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