Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finished project! Loes Hinse Europeans with Button Closure

There had been some mention on Stitchers' Guild/Loes Hinse thread about replacing the hook and eye closure at the front waistband with a button and buttonhole.  Loes has sold this style of pant in her Carmel boutique.  I have made quite a few pairs of this pattern of pants and really like the option of having a button closure.  I made these to go with an inexpensive sweater purchased at The Limited this spring.  I found the fabric at JoAnn on sale, so it was a thrifty outfit.  We went to dinner tonight at a local casino.  You always need a sweater year round here.  It can be cold, or it can be Air Conditioning.  I will enjoy wearing these pants for the summer as well.


Summerset said...

They look great! I always need a sweater, too. In New England, it always seems to be cool or people think that air conditioning needs to be run on the "Ice Age" setting.

Terri K said...

Good looking pants! I love my Euros.