Saturday, September 26, 2009 photos yet...

I made 2 Loes Hinse perfect t's last week and a pair of brown wool pants from the July 2009 Burda. but no photos yet. It all started when I saw an orange sweater in a store window one morning during my exercise walk at the mall. Eventually, I went back and bought the sweater and made some slacks and a t shirt to wear with them. I'll take photos soon.

We are in a resort town in the Rockies and when we were walking home from a delicious meal, we noticed both people and elk on the local golf course. So, we hurried back to the hotel, got the car, the dog, and DH's camera equiptment and headed off after the elk. DH got some fabulous photos of the bull elk and his magnificent set of antlers--even a shot or two of the bull bugling to keep his cows in line. Very interesting.

I love to see and learn new things! I'm learning my new little travel sewing machine too. I made buttonholes this afternoon and was very pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It is a lightweight Janome and I have never owned this brand. Not that different from my others, just a few things to learn! I want to use it to take to classes or when we travel, so I need to be adept at its operation so I can enjoy the process and not worry about how the machine works. DH is attending a photo seminar here and will be occupied during the day. I will do a little sewing and a little sight seeing while he is busy. Good combination!

Photos will be along soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick Photo--Vogue DVF Wrap Dress

Tonight is our anniversary and we are headed out to see Jersey Boys at the Palazzo. Quick photo of the dress I made this summer--haven't worn it yet so this is a first!
I got this fabric at the Michael Levine Loft store in downtown LA. It is one of those places where you pay by the pound. I got 3 pieces of different fabrics for $6--I will show all 3 items I made one of these days! A dress, a scarf, and a t shirt. Not bad! Sort of a fun day and I wanted to try this pattern. I bought the necklace and bracelet at Francesca's on 2nd St in Belmont Shore. Bigger purchase than the fabrics. LOL
Hard to believe we have been married 41 years today! Yikes!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finally Photos--2 Burda vests and LH Oxford Pants

I have been doing some sewing, or finishing of some sewing projects. The vest at left I made right after I made the khaki one, but it needed buttons and button holes and I just put off doing those steps! It is from the 1/2009 issue of Burda magazine. I like the fabric--bought from Casual Elegance (Sharon) during a Loes Hinse seminar.

The second vest is from a downloaded pattern at It is currently one of the top 5 downloads, so easy to find. This was a muslin made from o remnant of fabric left when I made a pair of Loes Hinse Oxford pants. I really wiggled the pieces around on the fabric to get it all out of the piece I had to work with. No welt pockets, just didn't have enough to play with. I am pleased with the final garment and will wear it with the Oxfords and with other black or olive solid pants. Finally, I got a photo of the Oxford pants I made earlier in the summer. It has been too warm to wear any of these pieces, but fall will come along soon. Even in the desert!
We are home and mostly unpacked. I am going for physical therapy next week and hope to get full use of the knee soon. I am back to walking 4-5 miles a day and have regained most of my range of motion. Still have a little swelling and bruising, but that will dissipate with time.

I got a new sewing/embroidery machine at the Long Beach Quilt Show and have to rearrange the sewing room to accomodate the new goodies. That will take a little time, but I have made some progress already.

Not sure what my next project will be--I delivered the outfits to my DGD for her 7th birthday. She has more clothes than a little girl needs, but they are fun to make and buy! I raised two sons so having DGDs is a treat for me. I have 3 DGS's as well, so plenty of both boys and girls. That's about it for now!