Monday, April 18, 2011

A little spring color and some LH pants on the side!

Here is the color I see in the back yard, even on the cloudy morning that I woke up to today!

I'm also posting photos of two pairs of Loes Hinse pants I made since the last photos...the darker ones are Euros from the same fabric as the Retro jacket I posted a couple of months ago.  The lighter ones are from a seminar pattern, fuller than the the Euros but with a similar waistline treatment.  Obviously, I still need to hem them.  I'm so bad about photos that I wanted to at least document these garments before they get in the closet and I forget that the reason I started this blog was to keep a record of what I'd accomplished.  Mostly just for me, but to share too!

If you click on the bottom photo you can see people playing golf in my back yard ;-).  LOL  I don't play, but I enjoy the open space that I don't need to mind! 

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