Friday, April 1, 2011

Photo Catch Up--Burda and Loes Hinse

I love the striped Perfect Tee shirt--I can make these very quickly, they fit, and they look pretty good on me!  The cream pants I'm not sure about.  They look fine, but the fit is not as comfy as when made from softer wovens or knit fabrics.  We'll see.

Second outfit is the Burda drape neck top from an old Burda Petite magazine.  It is OK.  The fabric is from FabricMart and I usually like what I order...just not sure about this one.  The pants are morphed LH cruise pants that I made with a modified European pant waist and front fly.  Just took a little off of the side seams and added the fly extension to the front of the cruise pant.  Sometimes I want side pockets for my phone or keys and these are perfect.  I will probably wear them with a black or white top for summer.

I made a Sewing Workshop eshrug yesterday too.   (No photo )  I made it from French terry and I think I will like it as a layering piece.  The drafting is great--the sleeves went in without any effort and the sewing took about 30 min start to finish.  Great!

I have some fabric and patterns on the cutting table...wonder if I'll change my mind before I start cutting!


Summerset said...

Nice outfits - I like both tops a lot, but the stripes are my fav!

Lori said...

Great outfits, stripes are always fabulous in tshirts.