Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sewing, Remodeling, Dentists...

Just a few of the activities occupying my time at present.  I made a pair of LH European pants from some of the Casual Elegance linen-look fabric recently posted.  I like them, don't love them.  They may need to spend some "time out" time in the closet before I make a final decision.  I also made a Perfect Tee from a coordinating fabric and LOVE it.  I always know the PT will fit so there is no guess work on this one!  Made a third top from a well-aged Burda Petite magazine.  It is OK.  I was trying out a new style and I'm not sure it's for me.  I'll post photos when I get the camera recharged.

We remodeled our kitchen over the past month--new countertops, a redesign on the previous eating bar, and new fireplace surround and hearth.  Makes the place look updated and that's a good thing!  I am allergic to dust, however, so it has been a bit of a trial for the past few weeks.  DH did the tear down with a crowbar in one hand and a shop vac hose in the other.  Much better than the "pros" would have done.  The granite is gleaming, the new backsplash makes me smile, and it was all worth the confusion.  DH sent me some photos he took of this project, so I will share those soon too.

Finally, I visit the dentist 4 x a year for routine cleaning, etc. and still have constant challenges with my dental care.  Ugh.  I had a crown prep today and will get the permanent one in a couple of weeks.  I have many others to keep this one company, so nothing new.  Just sort of slows me down for a while.

Just checking in to remind myself of the projects I've sewn.  No new jacket this month, but I'll catch up soon!

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