Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Jacket Done--Sort of!

I have had so much difficulty in finishing this jacket that I'm not going to worry about trying to fix these photos too.  The jacket is finished, but not the closures.  Tried to make buttonholes on 2 layers of scrap fabric and neither of my machines can handle the thickness.  So, I am rethinking the way I want to secure the front of the jacket.  It is 82 here today, so I'm not in dire need of a jacket.  I needed to finish this to get it off my list of to do items.
Things I liked about the jacket!  Topstitching!  If you click on the photo you can see the stitching in an enlarged photo.  I also liked the lycra binding trim for pockets and the hem.  I would have preferred a matching color, but black is OK with me.  I think the jacket will be cute with jeans, dress pants, etc.  Any ideas for the clusures?  I'm thinking snaps, but maybe there is another option???

Next on the list is the dress/shorts pattern for DGD.


Debbie Cook said...

Great jacket! Black buttons, to match the trim?

Maureen said...

A new sewing video blog you may like.

Summerset said...

I like the idea of the snaps - it is clean and neat and better than marring the jacket with buttonholes. You could also cover the snaps with lighterweight fabric or lining fabric if it the same color as the body.

gwensews said...

Great jacket. I love that pattern. I would use covered snaps on the inside of the jacket, and sew black buttons on the front, just for decoration.