Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finally Photos!

Herre are some of the things I've made over the past month...some Loes Hinse Hepburn Pants--not sure I love these, but the poskets are pretty slick and I might use that feature on other pants--like maybe the Oxfords. We;ll see. The black wool blend check has been maturing in my sewing studio and I'm not sure of the source--maybe Fabric Mart? They are OK and I will wear them. I do send thanks and Kudos to Shannon for her tutorial on inserting the zipper and elastic. Love the pictures!

Next are two pairs of pants made from the same Burda July 2009 pattern--made these earlier in the summer in a khaki cotton fabric and love the fit. These are both from wool from Melody at Fashionista Fabrics and fabulous quality wools. I love both of them! The whole thing started because I saw the orange sweater in a shop window--had to have the sweater and made the brown pants to go with. Made the blue pinstripe to go with the LH perfect tee made from by-the-pound knit from Michael Levines in LA.

Sorry about the sideways views--you can tell when I have taken my own photos!

Now I'm caught up with photos except for one more perfect tee. Not sure what is next on the cutting table. Piles of fabric, but no decisions made!


Shannon said...

Everything looks great. Too bad the Hepburns aren't your cup of tea, but I'm glad the tutorial helped.

Gail said...

Great trousers. Funny I'm sewing in the opposite direction. I have so many skirts and trousers but NOTHING to wear on top.

Summerset said...

Those are great pieces - I love the tailored trousers.

Melody said...

Oooooh! Gorgeous!