Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Loes Hinse Seminar Garments

Here's a quick review of some of the things I made at the seminar in Carmel last month. What a fun four days! Loes shares all of her expertise and her "tweaks" of new and well known patterns. The opportunity to purchase fabrics selected by Loes and sold by Sharon is one of the real advantages of attending a seminar besides the help, advice, and critique of Loes and the other sewists.

This first jacket is the newest of Loes's creations, a pattern in progress. It is called the Paris jacket and is a seamed princess construction. Close fitting and high hip length. This will illustrate the new trend in her boutique garments to be more fitted, femenine, and focusing on black and white with one accent color. This garment does not close in front. IF a closing is desired, it would be done with a crocheted loop and one button bringing the two center fronts together, but not overlapping. I love this jacket! It is light and easy to put on to dress up even a tee shirt and jeans! I know I will get a lot of wear from it.

These next two are TNT patterns for me--European pants and a Perfect T shirt. I love the fabrics I was able to get from Sharon. The T is an onion skin that looks reall sheer hanging on the back fence, but it is really quite modest and goes with every pair of pants I own! The second photo shows the the T with a tube scarf I made per Loes's instructions. I love it!!!

These garments will get a lot of wear as travel pieces! I am going to close this blog entry as I am on my way out for my daily walk. I'll post more photos when I get home. I made 2 more jackets, finished a "ball gown" skirt, a v neck tunic, and made another Perfect Tee. Lots of sewing and fun!

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