Monday, November 23, 2009

Ottobre "Neat Beat" Pants

I finished the pants to go with the previous entry's tunic. These are the Neat Beat pants from Ottobre 6/2009. I had the stretch nowale cord in my stash and like the way they turned out.

You can see the back has elastic in a casing while the front have a nice flat yoke. I think they coordinate well with the tunic and will fit my DGD pretty well! I did cut off the pants at the bottom by 1.5 inches and did not add any other for a hem to begin with. I took a hem of about 1.5 inches so they should be fine for her. We went shopping today and everything she looked at was too long. Family curse!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Summerset said...

The whole outfit is so cute! Isn't it fun to make these little custom outfits?

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

A beautiful outfit!

gwensews said...

Cute outfit. Your granddaughter will love it!